Which PVM character type?

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Which PVM character type?


I have built a skellimancer, and had a lot of fun so far. I am now looking to make a new character, and I was wondering what your favorite PVM character was (which one do you have the most fun with), and what skills you used? How do you use them (MF, etc..). Where do they have problems, etc...

OK, for the skellimancer I built I have 20 in Skeliton Mastery, 20 in Raise Skeliton, 1 in Raise Skelliton Mage, 1 in Clay Golem, 1 in Blood Golem, 1 in Iron Golem, 1 in Revive. 20 in Corpse Explosion (I usually only play by myself. Works wonders for this, when you start to get more people in the game it doesn't work as well) + 1 in all curses and +8 in amp.

Problem areas with this char. Any where with Gloams, etc... For some reason when you get to the spear cats in Hell Act 5 they can give me a few problems. Usually because I don't Dim them, so it's my own fault. The Worldstone Keep is pretty tough because of the gloam like MOB's. Hell Diablo can be tough (Need to get Crushing blow for my merc)

Easy Hell Areas... Pits, Countess, Andy (slow for me cause I don't use MH), Meph (Again no MH, so slow at times), Cows (Amp, Skellies take down one-two cows, CE, CE, move to the next group. Really fast, and fun), Pindel.

Well, let me know about your chars, and if you have any q's with my char.


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By far my favorite character type is the Sorceress.

It all depends on your style of gameplay though.

I have always preferred casters even though I've made some melee Barbarians, Paladins and Druids. The sorceress is the strongest of the casters IMO, and you can sit back a little and let your spells do the work. However, she tends to suffer a little bit in Hell if you plan on solo MFing, due to the fact that the monsters are immune to at least one type of magic.
(If anyone has made a viable 3 element sorceress, let me know). My best sorceress to this date has been my Cold/Fire sorc for 1.10. (My FWall, TStorm sorc in 1.09 rocked though). Unfortunately she is very equipment dependent and fairly twinked.

Off the top of my head:
Tek-OrbMeteo Level 83 USWest Non-Ladder
20 Frozen Orb (27 with equipment)
20 Cold Mastery (28 with equipment)
15? Meteor (22? with equipment)
15? Fireball (22? with equipment)
1 Fire Mastery (6? with equipment)
1 into prerequisites
1 into each cold shield
1 Energy Shield
1 Static
1 Enchant
1 TStorm

She has around 1k Life and Mana
3.6k defence with cold shield on
75 resist cold/lightning in Hell, 60 fire, 30 poison

Tal Rasha's Set (with PTopaz in helm and Armor, ISTed Orb) (318% MF)
2 Sojs
Upped Chance Guards 30% MF
War Traveler 38% MF
Pdiamond Lidless Wall (Not UMed) :(
Gull Dagger and Rhyme Heater on switch (410% MF)
Various MF, resistance, and +life/mana charms

Holy Freeze Mercenary Level 70
Griswolds Valor
Vampire Gaze

The following are also decent builds which I have made:
Lightning Trap / Blade Fury Asassin
Strafe / MShot Amazon
Wind Druid
Overlord Necromancer
Bone Necromancer

Like I said it really depends on your playing style. I have never liked any of the Melee type characters, and prefer to sit a little back from the battle and let my spells or minions do the work. Good luck with your new build and let me know if you have any questions. :D


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Max Strafe
Max Penetrate
65% pierce
Max Valk
50% critical skill

Shael Windforce/Upgraded WWS 2x shael (for PI)
Chains of Honor Archon
Andy's Visage /w IAS jewel
Nos Coil/Razortail
War Travs
2x Raven
Cat's Eye
20/20/10 annihilus

Merc with Eth Reaper's Toll
Eth Stone Lacquered Plate
Delirium Bone Visage

--> Total Obliteration of everything including 8 player solo pit or worldstone runs
For some fast and funky killing you might want to consider building a frenzy-baba. And if you really want to go experimental, try a throwing baba! Not that strong, but they look very cool! ;)

Another interesting build is the melee-sorc (werebear using "beast" runeword). Although I've never tried one myself I hear they are quite nice to play with.

Good luck, and have fun! ~~


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Omikron8 said:
I'll second the vote for strafer, although I built mine around the concept that more speed = more better. There is a good guide in the zon forum.
i voted for zon also, my strafer went more for power settling with a 9/2 wf strafe but with huge damage

that was before faith fort came out ;)


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befkonijn said:
talking about total obliteration, try a hammerdin (ooh the dmg :D)

i prefer playing a hero that takes more than 2 milliseconds to destroy everything and can actually die if you are not careful

instead of hammerdins with 75% block, max res, 92835719817 life (with CTA) and 9243571298571 defense