Which Polearm for Infinity?


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What do you mean by best?

I like Colossus Voulge, because its easy to find eth ones. And it has a max of 4 sockets.
However, the best imo, is an eth Cryptic Axe. With 15ed ofc! ;)


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That depends on how much IAS the wearer is getting with his other equipment. So what else is he going to wear?

CV: High damage per hit, slow speed, high str req, but easiest to get.
CA: Like CV, but lower reqs
Thresher: Lower damage per hit, quick, low reqs
GPA: Inbetween with respect to damage and speed. Reqs are OK.
Giant thresher: Like GPA, but high dex req, hardest to get.


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I'm going with Andy's

so 20% IAS.

and if I ever get a 15 ias/30 fire res jewel then total merc ias is 35%