Which patch to install


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Which patch to install

Hello, and thank you all for such a great forum. I've read around other sites for awhile and never posted anything due to constant flaming and abuse of noobs (that would be me). I'm a 30something new to gaming. So far, I've taken a barb to clvl 34 (just finished normal) and a sorc to clvl 18, and its a blast. I keep denying that I'm addicted...but who am I kidding.

Here's my question. I've read a lot about complaints with the 1.10 patch. I haven't installed any patches. Should I? What's the benefit? Do I go straight to 1.10 or is 1.09b better?

Any input is greatly appreciated.


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well after looking at your name i would suggest 1.10, don´t ask me why ;)

i really like playing 1.10, i would chose it over 1.09 any time!

i was a bit "scared" when moving from 09 to 10 but im all happy that i did


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Well, lets say, 1.09 is easier for someone new to learn, but alot more limited, 1.10 has synergies which make alot of cool charcters good. Its a toss up, you wanna learn all about the game, do 1.10, if you wanna just play around, not do ladder or anything, do 1.09


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Play 1.10, but try a cookie cutter build to start with just to get your feet wet otherwise you'll hit Hell and snap your disk in half...not that I ever did that.


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Go with a 1.10 FISHymancer. ;) You'll get used to the 'difficulties' of the patch with this char.

Also, but not least, Welcome to the SPF, enjoy your stay here! :howdy:


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When I installed 1.10 I did it as a dual install with the 1.09 that I was playing, thinking that I would be going back and forth between the two versions. After playing 1.10 though, I've never went back to 1.09, not once. Go for 1.10. :thumbsup:


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SnakeEye85 said:
well after looking at your name i would suggest 1.10, don´t ask me why ;)

welcome to the forums, and yes, I'd choose 1.10 also, especially if you like to MP. Sure there are some 1.09 players here for MP:ing but most are 1.10.

King's Specter

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Ooo.. a fresh 1.07 player! :)

I really enjoy playing 1.07, but it can be very hard and will be very lonely. I'd agree with others and suggest 1.10.

If you haven't been playing too long, it could be fun to start a fresh character and join the SPF ladder.



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At first I didn't want to play 1.10, I tested 1.10 beta with my chars and they were pwned by any monster in hell difficulty. But I downloaded 1.10, retired all my old chars and started new ones (following some excellent guides written by SPF members). Now I have 6 characters who have killed hell Baal and I also started grailing, "only" 38 more items to go :teeth:

And of course, welcome to forums :wave:


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Hi Fishman,

welcome to our wonderful forum! Be sure to have a drink at the EMB and try the FAQ for a vast amount of info. Beware of wild animals!

As for the patch I have to agree with the others and recommend 1.10. Most of the info you find on various places (e.g. the Arreat Summit) will be for 1.10, as will be most new builds. Also, most of the people that didn't like 1.10 were used to 1.09 and didn't necessarily want to change. If you're starting fresh, you won't have that problem!


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Welcome! I agree with all these fine people. :) 1.10 is an incredible patch and, while difficult in hell, can be pretty easily won with the right build. Synergies and new good-drop areas make it totally worthwhile. :) Check out Borlag's list of good strategies for 1.10 (in the FAQ, i believe) and read the "definitive guide to the pits" in the strategy compendium if you want to get into some high-level Hell magic finding. Good luck and enjoy your stay here.