Which Pally build?


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Which Pally build?

Hey all!
I'm having a small amount of trouble with my pally. I've made (and lost) so many smealadins that I don't want to make another one, so I'm wondering which I should try out, and anyones previous experience with such builds. Of course it will be HC, and twinkable with highend gear. (I've also already twinked him with a gull for early MF'ing.)

I want to go with what I know (zeal/fanat,) but don't want to make another one of these.
I'm thinking of a Vengence/conviction, Holy shock or freezadin, (or maybe another option?)
With the Holy shock or freeze, it doesn't matter if you zeal or vengence, does it?
Are there any other viable options which I have forgotten, or any other things I may have forgotten?

Thanks for any input,
Dryst :thumbsup:


It matters a lot "if you zeal or vengeance with Holy Shock or Freeze". With those 2 builds, your dmg will be coming from the auras and zeal is the fastest way to deliver that dmg. Vengeance requires a very high base physical dmg which, when converted to elemental and is boosted by Conviction results in 1-2 hit kills.

For HC, Frostzealot is a very safe (and allegedly fun) build, and would be my suggestion. Some rather common builds not on your list of options include Hammerdin, Templar/Templar-Cleric (FoH-Conviction-HShock-possibly Holy Bolt), elemental zealot (Gimmershreds-Conviction); and there are some less common builds like Ambulancadin (healing based, more MP oriented), Fanatic/elemental Ranger (bow using), Missionary (Conversion, usually with Thorns), Chargadin etc.


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Smite-Conviction-FoH(-Holy Shock[as synergy])

That's a build I've been planning on making. Just one point in Smite, and CB for dealing damage. Though I do have that Lo... But still play 1.10.