Which of these trilogies or film series would you prefer to watch? o

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Which of these trilogies or film series would you prefer to watch?

If you were given a choice as to what film series comprising any 3 films from that series or a film trilogy to watch, which ones would you choose? I do apologise if I have missed out your favourite here, but just choose the lesser evil out of the ones listed that appeals to you most.


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Well, considering that LOTR is the most epic of all of them, I would choose it.........however.......it may not be the one I would choose if I had to watch all 3 extd versions in a row.....as I cant sit that long...........


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Yup. I thought LoTR trilogy is good, but I cant bear myself to sit down that long. IMO, I would vote for Indiana Jones. All of them are classics and stand up well to multiple-viewings. :)


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The Indiana Jones trilogy, particularly The Last Crusade. Those were fun movies. Harrison Ford has said that he would love to make another such film if a good script came along. Unfortunately, George Lucas is too busy churning out Star Schlock -- er, WARS -- movies.

You didn't include the Evil Dead films in your poll ... BLASPHEMY! :p


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The second Indy Jones flick was teh suck. I voted for Star Wars, because
* I have seen the LOTR flicks (except for the last one) recently
* I am thinking that these would all be watched on DVD, and I want Lucas to stop being a moron and release eps 4-6 already, instead of dreaming up new ways to torture audiences with 1-3.


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LOTR..I'm used to sitting for a long period of time.Indiana jones would be my next choice,then godfather,then star wars


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american pie because star wars doesnt interest me anymore, the matrix is just straight up boring, indiana jones would be my second, LOTR is too long, never heard of three colors or once upon a time in china, and alien is neat.


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The Streetfighter
Return of the Streetfighter
Sister Streetfighter
Last Revenge of the Streetfighter

Just kidding. Though those movies are good fun given the right mood (Sonny Chiba > Bruce Lee). I'd have to go with Lord of the Rings.


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Indiana Jones, he is a legit american hero. I mean, how much of a badass are you if you have 3 movies about killing Germans, French, and Chinese people? What happened to the time where a PG movie consisted of people getting thier hearts ripped out and flattened by rock crushers, and eaten alive by alligators, and shot in the head while you are on fire? Indy is a badass who takes crap from no one, neo is a panzy, Luke was a bad mofo, but he took **** from people like uncle owen and yoda. Aragorn is a hands-down BADASS, Gandalf is pretty chill too, but other than them, LOTR was kinda lacking manly characters. Ripley kicked pretty good ammounts of ***, but Indy absolutely tops them all.

BTW, the ammount of **** chewbacca takes from other people is the rest of this post:


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LOTR. Star Wars is my second choice, though. I absolutely love the original trilogy. Episodes 1-3 suck, though.


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nnndave said:
Luke was a bad mofo, but he took **** from people like uncle owen and yoda.
Am I alone in my belief that Luke Skywalker was a whiny little pansy? It's amazing that I'm such a fan of the original trilogy, yet I can't stand those film's most pivotal character. I mean, the only character in Star Wars that's an even bigger wuss than Luke is C3PO. :D

Tridge said:
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Indiana Jones. it doesn't get much better than that part in Raiders of the Lost Ark when that ninja guy is swinging the sword all over then indy just taking his gun out and shoots him.:lol:


Star Wars, no competition. Lord of the Rings was no doubt amazing, but come on...the Special Edition Star Wars films 4-6? There's no competition. LotR's powers are insignificant compared to the Force.