Which Merc 4 MF Meteorb?


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Which Merc 4 MF Meteorb?

Which mercenary works better for my MF Meteorb sorc? Mainly running Hell Baal and Hell Meph. Does a defiance merc hold his own in getting the crowds better than the holy freeze merc? The best merc would probably be a defiance merc with Doom runeword but I surely cannon afford such things. Just post your 2 cents.

Epsilon Eyez

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Defiance merc would help you dodge more and your merc would be powerful with the right equipment. Might merc is a less favorable choice for a casting character but does high damage easily. You could consider Act 5 mercs for fast healing, tanking, and stunning. Act 3 mercs tend to be hard to get to be really powerful, and Act 1 mercs are good if you can get a nice bow on them, just make sure to keep them out of melee range.

Overall, I recommend the Defiance merc.


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I had a couple of questions about mercs too: I currently have a level 73 Holy Freeze merc wearing a etheral Pierre Tombale (145-313 dmg), Shaftstop and Blackhorn's which I am eventually going to replace with a Vamp Gaze. Now I'm pretty poor, so the high-end runes as a bit out of my reach, but I've been pondering about putting a runeworded polearm on him anyway.

The way I see it, I've got two options: Insight and Obedience.

Insight: I read in another thread that different auras, as long as one is granted by an item, stack, so the Meditation from Insight would do absolute wonders for my Sorc as she is running on around 400-500 mana right now. Has 23% MF to boot, but do Mercs gain anything from +1-6 Critical strike?

Obedience: 370% ED, incredible gain of over 110% more than Insight's MAX, guaranteed (no variation). Insane 40% Faster hit recovery, 40% crushing blow, and % chance to cast lvl 21 Enchant with +25% fire damage. Not to mention the addition of 200-300 defense and +resistances (although mercs naturally have).

Obedience really looks a ton better in comparison to Insight, but the question I'm grappling with is which will be the more beneficial runeword? Is it better for him to have more damage or for me to not worry about my mana?


Holy Freeze for sure. Sorcs have crappy defense anyway, and monsters will move a lot slower, making them easy targets for Fire Balls and Meteors. Also because they'll be 50% slower, you'll be able to teleport out of bad situations even with low FCR, and, on top of that, some of them will shatter when killed.

Obedience, huh? I thought high runes were out of your reach.


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You mention how much mana you have, but how often do you run out? Insight pretty much has meditation going for it. If you don't need meditation, then there's no reason to make it. And you only need meditation if you find yourself out of mana a lot of the time, when you want to be casting.

Personally, I use an upgraded kelpie snare. Not great damage, no wonderful auras, but completely stops baal in his tracks. He can't cast anything. Since it makes my baal runs that much easier, it's worth it to me, even if it's not the greatest weapon out there.

So I guess my point would be - figure out what advantage you need, and go with it.



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I second that :p I run hell baal with bone/summon necro and on certain rare occasions when Baal hits me with his mana drill which drains mana i still get off bone spirits with that mediation aura from my might merc's eth Insight CV hehe. Hmm i wouldn't say Obedience is a high r/w but made in a nice eth elite pole like thresher/cryptic axe its awesome and that cb works like a dream for act bosses :p Also Barb mercs aren't too bad with their stun and a Doombringer has +%life and weaken (which in a way acts like dr for him) while just costing pgems @west ladder.

Taken from AS :
Critical Strike
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Chance to 2x Damage % 16 25 32 38 42 46

So yes that +1-6 CS from Insight is a nice mod for merc. For me its 4x dmg with amp from necro :p


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I've always preferred holy freeze for its ability to keep monsters back away from you by slowing them down. If you use energy shield at all, I'd say insight is a must...but don't forget to pump your mana up a lot as well, regeneration for mana is set up so that you'll refill your mana bulb, however large it is, in two minutes @ base regeneration speed. With insight, it'll refill in about 1/6th of that time (around 20 secs) or even less, but 20% more mana == 20% more mana gained in that amount of time.

If you're not using energy shield, mana isn't as much a matter of life and death, so then it's a question of how often you're hurting for mana--if the answer is "all the time" or "almost all the time" you want an insight, if it's "not very often", a higher dmg and/or higher MF weapon would be better.

If you choose an insight, there is a third possibility for your merc--the prayer merc, who will heal you at double the normal speed because points in prayer give +regeneration to meditation. I'm not sure how well it works, though, never given it a try myself.


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Hell Meph: Defiance.
Everything else: Holy Freeze.

I'd go with Holy Freeze, since it's much more useful in the game as a whole, and the Meteorb is really about versatility - if you were making a dedicated Meph runner you should take Blizzard or FO and a Defiance merc.

Of course, an alternative to a Holy Freeze merc would be a Defiance merc with Doom.