Which item to place insight into?

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Which item to place insight into?

Somewhat noobish question, but what would be the best weapon to put insight into? Also, where would be the best place to find it? Socketed or not, doesn't matter. Thanks


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Assuming you mean for a merc weapon, the most ideal generally tends to be a 4os Ethereal Thresher, because it's the fastest of the elite polearms and has decently low requirements for your merc. Giant Thresher is also as fast, but the requirements are huge.

Ethereal 4os Cryptic Axe or Great Polearm are also doable. Cololssus Voulge, which tends to be the most common as it is the ONLY Elite polearm class that can reliably get 4 sockets from clean has the highest strength requirement, making it a pain in the *** to equip. Of course, if you happen to have a Leviathan lying around, that solves that really easily...

Just remember that Insight doesn't give any life leech, so you need it from your body or head piece.

If you do a ton of Chaos Sanctuary, you may want to stick it in a non-elite weapon. If you want to be different, and have the sorc wear it herself, voulge has the lowest requirements (50 str, no dex), Scythe has low requirements and looks 10x better than voulge (41 str dex), or if you can find a 4os +3 ice armor staff, you can save yourself quite a few skill points. You can shop +3 Shivers, don't think you can for Chilling (gotta luck into that I guess)

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Easiest to obtain is Colossus Voulge. But a Thresher is easier to hold for the merc. And that was all said in the last post.


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Okay thanks, but what would be the best place to try to look for them?
Hell Cows with as low mf as possible.

Eth CV or Eth Thresh. Personally, I like having mine in a noneth white voulge with max DR setup to eznegate maiden on Hdin's merc. If you're sorc, you probably need the merc for immunes.