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definetely the dolls. man they are so scary. :scared:
i really hate the way they look brrrr.
and when they start talking its a living hell!


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clowns...FOR SURE!

I think its the weird fake smile..with all the mismatched colors. I dont like clowns at all. And I remember when I was younger in a haunted house....the damn clown that was like 10 feet tall, scared me more than anything else in there. Ya..clowns=bad.
nrabbit said:
i bet its about ventriloquist dolls
Or clowns. Id be surprised if its not about 1 or the other...
Oh, and i voted clowns, because when i was a kid they scared the hell out of me, but dont they to all kids? Only a really cruel parent would make there kid go see a clown.


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i think clowns are funny. i really liked them when i was little. when i went to a circus i always laughed really hard when i saw the clowns.


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clowns , definatly. u know those normal clowns aren't that bad, but u also have some kinds of 'horror' clowns, evil clowns, and those are just freaky :D :D


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There are zero people in the earth who think ventruiliquist dolls are funny. The only thing cool about it, is when the dude can talk in several voices at one without moving his mouth. The dolls are horrible.