which is better?


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If you want a useful and worthwhile answer, you need to provide us with context, gear, targeted enemies, etc.; such a vague question can't be answered accurately.


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my bad. my gear so far is
atlantean sword
switch a etheral axe with 391-700 dmg and some other nice mods
gaurdian angel armor
the ward gothic sheild (im hopin to one day find a HoZ)
boots with +2 to vigor
gloves with +a lot to gold and mf
string of ears belt
crap helm, rings and ammy
i want to know wat in general is better for duelin (any class)
ive spent all my other points in zeal, fanat, sac, and 10 in holy shield


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I dunno... both attacks have their purposes. Charge helps in many circumstances, and it is common to charge in, then start smiting. With all the builds possible, it's a matter of preference, style, and effectiveness.