which helm to use for pvp zealot


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which helm to use for pvp zealot

(asked this on the paladin forum but i think it would also be appropriate to ask in pvp section too)

hello, i am thinking of redressing my pvp zealot. was wondering what kind of a helm would be better. i was thinking one of these two: 2os COA or a 2os visionary helm. as of now i have about 40%dr from my other gear not coming from my helm. and i already have a decent ar due to the fact i am using angelic ring combo. so should i go with the coa and get max dr and the nice mod that comes with it or go with the visionary helm and have even more ar. so wondering which would be better for a PVP zealot, before i get one of those helm.

note: the reason for the 2os on both coa and visionary helm i need dual ias jewels in them to hit the last zeal bp with my set up. so, if i am using the visionary, my dr% would only be at about 40%dr.


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Re: which helm to use for pvp zealot

Hello there,
Would I be correct to assume that your zealot was built in mind to duel other zealots, and melee characters in general? If so, either helm is potentially a fine selection.

The question of whether one is better than another is dependent on variable factors:

  • You say you have 'decent ar', this is relative; how much do you have? How much does your competition have?

  • 40%~ DR is potentially quite viable, 45%+ is obviously better; if you're able to win with less than max DR%, kudos.
Speaking from a lot of 'zealing' experience, when faced with the choice of multiple gear selections for a single equipment slot, what is best will likely depend upon:
a)what the rest of your gear is, ie. what your overall character stats are &
b) what sort of setup your opponent wears

Good luck! :jig:


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Re: which helm to use for pvp zealot

2os visionary helm
would be more of zeal vs zeal as they use eth shaftstop and dungos for dr.

telezeal which is more zeal vs all uses coa.


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Re: which helm to use for pvp zealot

Actually, your name of thread make laught at first sight...
There is so much pvp zealer helm that i'm sure no1 here know them all (even me... played top ranked zealer for 2years in a row EscL).

As "mrJ" said, you should be aware that "a decent ar" is never enough... depend on your opponent.
But, you should at least hit those stats :

- 20k+ ar
- 50%dr
- 40k def
- Max ias breakpoints
- 2klife
* And if you duel only melee char, go for 0resist, if not, try to have like +20/30*

After that, the items you use can be anything with good dmg/ds/ow/cs.

I would say that if you need ias/resist, go with CoA. If not, find a rare ar/dmg helm with "based on character lvl" mods. (the 50%dr can be easily reach with dungo + any decent zealer armor such as Ber'd Levi, shaftop, etc.)
Also, alot of people don't think about Ss on a pvp zealer, but in a "low dr" situation, a good armor+weps+glove with a Ss can be very powerfull too.
And finally, don't forget that a good zealer don't have just one good gear with him, he has to be able to switch weps/gloves/shield as he duel diff. opponents! (thats why in many situation, the invent/stash of a zealer is worth more than what he's wearing!)

I hope it helps.