Which follower for survivability?


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Because Frozen enchanted bluename/yellowname groups can prevent drinking health potions, which follower should WD pick for survivability?


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I must admit for my DH I have only really used my Templar. Kormack can land a few timely heals on occasions and they can really save your bacon!
I would assume its the same for WDs, although sometimes a good defence is a string offence so the Enchantress might be useful too!


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I am not sure if new items work the same way, so take this with a grain of salt.

For survivability I use the scoundrel with multi-shot. He has a buriza with 13% freeze chance, Star of Azkaranth amulet w/ 3% freeze chance and an old level 60 SoJ with cold damage. With multi-shot he freezes quite often, and worst case things are chilled and slowed down. Buys more than enough time for me to do my thing.

My wizard uses an enchantress with The Tormentor staff. Not nearly as much CC as the scoundrel provides, but the charm from staff procs fairly often. Hilarious to watch a yellow boss fighting his own minions.

Just a few ideas, hope they help a little.


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I would go Templar because of the Heal and Loyalty abilities (Heal spell and Regen). The Scoundrel is much more entertaining to listen to as you play though.


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I like my enchantress with smoking turible (makes her immortal, she will keep using her disruption moves) and forceful push (knockback), powered armor (more armor and slow to attackers) and erosion (aoe with +dmg effect) and focused mind.

Scoundrel a weapon with knockback / freeze / any Crowd control works too.

Personally I dislike the templar because he dies so often (I probably just have bad gear for him tho), LoH works better for me than LPS and he seems to have horrible timings on his moves

ExTiNcT SaNitY

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As other have said, heal and regen, but what I really like the most is the stun ability, saved me sooo many times from nasty stuff.

Shield for extra armor is unmatched.


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I mainly use the Templar do the heals but the Enchantress can be good with her Hex when she turns things to chickens. I might start trying the Scoundrel after reading some of the comments above. If your Templar is dieing you need to get him some better gear.