Which Creeper should I summon/max??


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Which Creeper should I summon/max??

Hi all,

I was wondering which creeper I should max for a PvP Wind Druid? Do I want poison, life, or mana creeper??

Ace :cool:


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Clearly max Solar Creeper, cos that would be the best in pvp. Mana is the most important thing in pvp and once someone kills one of those nasty Fallen outside town and you'll see how mighty Solar Creeper is in action. Gogo 6% mana leech!


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yeah...hard to say I don't play PvP...

But i'm thinking...with a windy and the need for synergy's...wouldn't it be better to put points into the synergy's, and then max another damage source like griz or wolves instead? I mean, in a PvP fight, are you going to be around long enough for the creeper to actually soak stuff up? a griz at lvl 20+ is doing close to 1500 dam. Just a thought.


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It was a joke btw, you don't need any vines for a pvp windy...of course you would of known this if you bothered to read any of the stickies, or actually played a windy.


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AceAZA said:
The stickies didn't say anything about it. But ok, no vines then.
Quote from Æ’enris windy guide;

Skill Points and Allocation

· 20 Tornado
· 20 Hurricane
· 20 Cyclone Armor
· 20 Twister
· 20 Oak Sage
· 1 Summon Grizzly
· 1 Raven
· 1 Dire Wolves
· 1 Spirit Wolves