Which area in the game would this music sound good in? ifr


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Which area in the game would this music sound good in?


I thought it sounds cool (quite enchanting.) I think it would sound good as the background music for the Inner Cloister/Cathedral area hehe. Or maybe even the Frozen River while on your way to Anya.

What do you think?

In case you're wondering, it's a preview of one of the songs in the soundtrack for the upcoming World of Warcraft game.


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Sounds like a MIDI except for the oohing and the ahhing. A real symphonic orchestra playing the same thing would be sweet. I like the song.


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I liked it.

Indoors or underground would seem ideal.

I usually have Joe Satriani in the stereo while I play, that piece would fit in nicely with the "Engines of Creation" cd :cool:


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To my ears it sounds like generic Enya-esque new age music, not really artistic and I hope it get revised. Not really up to par with D2 music.

I agree with the General Midi-sound post; really for such a big project as WoW they must hire real symphony orchestras. They probably will later on, right?