Where ?


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Assuming you aren't prepared to do the endless forge runs, then in my opinion choose quantity over quality. The areas to best get runes are the ones that you can consistantly kill the most monsters that are capable of dropping high runes in the least amount of time. Most any lvl 85 area is capable of doing this.

Personally, I'd probably choose the worldstone keep, because you have 3 lvls, and if you get the soul killers, it just seems like so many of them, which means so many chances of dropping a good rune :thumbsup:

Edit: Keep in mind, MF has no affect on the chance of a rune dropping. So really, the faster you can kill, the better...


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if you're looking for a monster to drop a rune every single time, try hell countess. But don't expect anything like um or ist that often. Expect more like el, eld, and stuff.