Where to?


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Where to?

Hey guys. My name's Miller. I rarely post here.. just read every now and then. Anyways, I currently have a level 94 hammerdin on USEast HCL, and that is my main focus as of now. I also have a level 94 orb/tk sorc and unequipped level 90 assasin.

The point of my post is to find out what kind of characters you guys prefer to make. I don't have much wealth besides what's invested in my paladin:

UM'ed Shako
23 Mara's
33 Hoto
Archon Enigma
Paladin Spirit Shield
SOJ + Bul Kathos
40% War Traveler

However, I want to start another character. I'm not sure what type or what I'm looking to do with it... but I need to make something new. I was thinking of a low level dueler, but I'm unsure if it's wortwhile. Is it enjoyable?

Any feedback is appreciated.
If you'd like to run some baals with me sometime, give me a holler.

Bryan Miller
"Vismund" - lvl94 Hammerdin


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decaying said:
I was thinking of a low level dueler, but I'm unsure if it's wortwhile. Is it enjoyable?
Oh believe me, it is very worthwhile and extremely enjoyable. There's nothing like that feeling of seeing a chickener exit after you kill them, then to have them come back and shout abuse at you.


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It is very much fun. That was pretty much all I used D2 for - my hc 'dueling' fix.

Bit hard to call it dueling now, as its more like try to 1-hit the chickener before he 1-hits you. But the satisfaction of succeeding is hard to top. :clap:


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hi vismund! you may remember me as the eL- tagged characters that refuse to party in your runs, because it is in pubs :D

anyway, i usually get my fix by questing. theres nothing like earning every single lvl the hard way, and noticing how your character progresses throughout the game. for example, i didnt realize just how powerful trappers were in all parts of the game until i soloed one: at lvl 12 you have a real powerful trap (underrated), and it is one of the best offensive spells available at that lvl.

im sure my play style is very vey uncommon in bnet, but oh well, to each his own.

btw, do try out dOOling. i heard it is TEH fun (although i havent tried it before, i am also poor. even poorer than you).


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Thank you guys for your input. So, you guys recommend a low level paladin charger? Or what?

Hey el-... I've seen your "eL-showah" or whatever around. You should join me in my baal runs... they're becoming increasingly popular and powerful. A few nights ago, I did 375 consecutive runs and I finally hit 95 :). That is the highest I've ever reached in my Diablo 2 Classic/LOD career. It's really fun when you start to make friends and have people to enjoy the game with.

Anyways, I am worried because last night I ran a mule permer on my laptop while I was playing another character on my desktop. When I try to connect today, I get the "Unable to Connect" message because of my "internet connection" having problems. I hope this is not the message that you get when you are banned because I love this game and don't want to stop playing!! Anyone know what's going on?

*bmiller ;P


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You're not banned, don't worry. :) Just give it time and you'll be able to connect again. Sometimes it does that. It's happened to me atleast 5-6 times for an extended period of time, 48 hours being the longest. Enjoy the time off from your addiction. ;)



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I prefer making oddball characters...

It's just amusing for some reason... I mean, I -know- you can make a cookie cutter work, but silly characters are much more challenging and amusing.


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I'm not bad man. Just woke up on Sunday morning haha. What level are you now? I finally hit 95 :)


decaying said:
I'm not bad man. Just woke up on Sunday morning haha. What level are you now? I finally hit 95 :)
Level 93....I took a break on baaling and Im working on a new character now.