Where to find this? (Godly)


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Where to find this? (Godly)


I play HC and my friend died with a very good circlet I was going to trade for.

+3 Light skill
20 fcr

He told me he found it while doing pit run. Ive made 100 pit run today and havent found any. However, I foudn this very nice circlet:

+3 summon
+69 life

If I cube this circlet can I get the mod I want? SHould I cube it? Please help me :cry:

Lord Nyax

Getting that circlet is going to be difficult, no matter how you go about it. In truth, the best place to get one would be a place where lots of items drop rather quickly, so I'm gonna go with the Cow Level right now, but it would be far, far easier to gamble for one. "Easier", because, as I said, the chances of one of these spawning is quite low.

Also, I wouldn't cube that circlet if I were you. It's pretty nice as it is, and there is no benefit to cubing it versus any other random circlet from a TC 85 area. So no, I wouldn't cube it.

So, summary:
1. Gamble for it
2. Don't cube that circlet


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Apart from finding a magical circlet with the right affixes, you need the help of Larzuk to add the sockets and there is a 50% chance that he will add just one.

Rerolling with the 3 pgems recipe can produce such a circlet as well, but IMO it's not worth it, as you will find more magical circlets than sets of gems which combine to 3 pgems. The quickest way to get one probably is to gamble with a goldfind character. You need Larzuk as well for the sockets.

Independently from the method to produce one, the problem with circlets and the like is that they have a very broad selection of affixes, so the chance to get exactly what you need is very small.


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+3 sorc/20%fcr: Powered circlet of the magus.

+3 nec/dru summon/69 life: Golemlord's/keeper's circlet of the squid


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wow guess its my lucky day I was just reading this then did some baal runs and happen to find a 3 cold skill 20fcr coronet *edit* just had it socketed and yay 2 sockets larzuk is my hero


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STOP LOOKING FOR IT! Then you'll find it! LOL. That always seems to be the way it is. Everytime I'm looking for something I find everything else. Then when I give up, it's all over the place! Go figure!