Where to find items


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Where to find items

Ok, I am now on the hunt for superior mythical/colossus swords and superior eth armors, I checked atma, and my best place of finding them is A4/5 Hell with a whoping .0236% chance of it dropping.

Now, my question is: is there anyway to increase the chance for an item to drop superior or etheral? Any actual and superstitious ways are welcome!

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Well, as superior items doesn't count as magical items to be dropped you could run around in full battle gear keeping MF as low as possible.. other then that, just run around and kill stuff. Going trough the WSK and running baal will allways net you with some good stuff (his minions are nice too).

''Mil & Sam''

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Well dont wear any MF at all, and dont bother about bosses since they drop more magic or higher. Also check out the stats for monsters like flayers, since they might not be as likely to drop, you could probably kill 3 times as many of them than other types of monsters in the same time.


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I'm more of asking how to get items to spawn etheral or superior. I cant ever remember seeing any kind of mythical sword drop ever so I also dont even know where to look for them. I do plenty of WSK runs and I'm always on the lookout for potentially useful gray items. I do a very healthy number of cow runs, and I see a lot of elite armors, its just that they are very rarely eth or superior. When I did pit runs, CBs and CSs dropped all over the place, but I dont see them very often anywhere else, so that's kind of an answer to where to find those. Is there a place similar for mythical swords, in the sense that you see them drop often there?


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Run a lvl 85 area. I've found almost all of my stuff from the pits and ancient tunnels. The rest has come from Baal runs and the rare socketed items from p3 pindle runs.


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- low or no MF in order to increase regular drops.
- run high density/high level areas on players 8 to max drops.
- density means lots of monsters that are preferably easy to kill
- Hell Pits on p8 fits this bill.
- just play lots and lots and lots ...
- if you perceive that your map seeds generates (this is the superstitious part) more Sacred armors than usual. Keep it. If less, change the map seed.
- pray for luck. I've seen and have lots of eth armors ... but a sup 15% eth Sacred Armor with high base defence is something that i'm still looking for.
- did I say pray for luck?


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Alternatively, try LK runs since the logic is the same as finding runes. The advantage over pit runs are that there are a couple of racks in the LK area which could yield armours.

There's no way to ensure you get more ethereal armours than normal. Just kill monsters and hope for the best then.

I'm still waiting for my superior sacred plate with 4 sockets too :)