Where to find good runes at??


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Where to find good runes at??

I am searching for some good runes but for some reason they are hard to find except some of the lower ones. Can somebody tell what quest, level or runs i can do to find some decent to good runes???. I have heard some body say that hell town cellars are the best place to find runes but dunno.


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High runes are impossible to find...well almost. There really is no quick and easy way to get high runes, except for cheating of course.

Your best bet is a place with lots of monsters that are capable of dropping high runes and a character that is able to kill them fast with lots of players in the game. In other words kills as many monsters as possible.

Flayer jungle is an okay place, because there are lots of relatively easy monsters to kill (Can't drop all runes though). River Of Flame is another good spot because the monsters can drop all runes and ghost type monsters have a higher chance of dropping runes, also Hephaesto has a quite big chance of dropping runes.

Another way is to go to Lower Kurast and just run/teleport around and pop chests. It's easy and quick and you'll also get lots of flawless gems and charms.

The Countess is a good way to get runes, since she is very likely to drop runes...unfortunately she only has good chances to drop runes up to Ist. She can drop up to Lo but the chances of that happening aren't greater than other monsters...so she is very good for mid-end runes but don't get your hopes up for anything past Ist.

Rune finding isn't easy and I'd recommend just normal magic finding, because the places I have mentioned don't really improve your odds all that much except for the countess but she can't really drop the rare runes. And when MF'ing you can find lots of other sweet stuff.


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If you ask me, the best way to get high runes is to look for good socketables and trade for runes when you find them. You don't need MF so you can equip yourself at 100% kill strength which makes doing runs in Hell difficulty a lot less tedious and dangerous. There are people out there who only trade in High runes nowadays and they are looking for the right kind of armor and weapons with the right numbers of holes. I'd say Pit runs and the Flayer Dungeon are two of the best places to go looking for good socketables. Hell Cows is nice if you can kill things fast. My new favorite class for doing these runs? Poison Skellimancer. It handles everything and kills most things VERY fast. Not good for standard MFing though since it's so gear intensive.

If you want to find even decent runes just by doing runs, you have to run with a large crowd. For every 5 runes I'm somewhat excited to simply find outside of a forge run (like Dol-Um), I'd guess about four have been found in full games. Also, grab everything you find and stash it on a mule. I have a ton of Amn-Shaels all made from upgrading crap runes.

The only realistic way to go out looking runes up to Gul IMO is to do Hell forge runs with a second computer or a buddy. It's actualy not a bad method because if you rush with decent MF gear, you get to blast through all your rushee's first time boss drops which can yield some nice stuff. However, I personally find it more fun (and frequent) to get giddy when a Sacred Targe with 30+ resists pops up.


dont be fooled that runes are easy to find when ppl say they have over 100 of them sitting on a mule, they are almost all duped, but in most cases this doesnt matter ;)

this doesnt mean u accuse that person of duping, cause they are common trades

i myself have 100+ runes and i dont dupe or eBay :)


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if you spend time actually playing through the game, you'll get decent runes regardless of how much MF you have. On 1.10 ladder, I solo'ed the game with more than several chars, and each of them left a few decent runes behind. My "best" luck I can remember now was my level 50ish kicker got two UM's in just 10 minutes in her solo game - almost at the same place.

Once you have a char that can do rush fast, the fastest way to get high-level runes (other than by trading stuff for runes) is rush your own chars for hellforge drops. I once got 5 PUL's straight this way.

Well, don't think I was lucky though. All the runes, all the mules holding the runes, as well as all the accounts holding the mules were all expired. I recently restarted. I just played 2 chars through Hell and have already got IST, KO, UM, etc, plus elite items worth good runes.