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where to download

I have D2, and D2 lod, but my D2 lod disc is fubared.... It has a scratch on it, and I can not get it to install anymore. Is thier a place that I can download this data to install it on my D2 game that works, I still have my jewel case with the cd key on it, but it is kinda usless with out a working disc...

Anyone know where I might be able to download and install this?



Options :

1. Buy one of those cd repair kits.
2. Use toothpaste on scratch
( Use the abrasive white kind ) and rub in circles from the inside out. then buff out with a soft - non- scratching cloth. ...maybe kleenex, lens cloth, etc. Do not use a coarse paper towel or kitchen rag!
3. Buy new D2x cd.


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A disc doctor might work, but if it doesn't Blizzard will replace the scratched disk for $10. You have to mail the damaged disk to them and wait for them to mail you back a new one. Go to Blizzard.com for the details. I did it and it took about a week.( I saw a new Diablo at Costco for $15) I don't know of any place to download what you need. I believe you have to install the whole game from a clean disk in order for it to work correctly. If you have a friend with a clean disk, maybe you can use it along with your CD key.


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frozenmagic said:
OT: d2s on cosco are always almost tampered..so i suggest dont buy from there
O.O ... I bought mine at Cosco ... works fine.

There are programs called loaders - I am not sure where you would find them but I can tell you if someone does direct you to a site with a loader program (enables you to play without the disk in the drive as long as your cd key is valid) be very very careful. I would not recommend it as it is a 3rd party download and could contain trojans or other nasty tag alongs. You are far better off either buying a whole new disk or sending your broken on to Bliz for replacement.


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Safest bet is to use the Blizzard $10 program. Another option is to use the CD-key with install CD's from a friend nearby. Don't forget that you need TWO CD-keys of your own (D2C and D2X). Living in Europe, my most useful option is the buddy with CD's... After that, you can use a loader/nocd'er to play afterwards.

These aids are mostly legal, since the CD-key provides the Copy-protection and your motivation is (or should be) to preserve the CD for as long as possible.

Good luck with pasting/mailing/lending/patching.