Where should i MF


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Where should i MF

What areas (in nm.. all i am able to do atm) should i mf at? i can kill pretty much anything minus cold immunes. so what do you say? Im an orb sorc, 600+ damage. changes with occy

Should probably post my quip's

Shako w/ topaz
Skulders w/ topaz
2 21 mf rings
3 to cold skills ammy
33 mf boots
24 mf heavy bracers
tals belt

and for future reference, what should i do for hell?


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Nm act bosses, same thing in hell, execpt you can run countess, summoner and nilathak for keys

Evrae Altana

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There's cold immunes in the Pits, but your merc should be able to handle them. Another spot is the Ancient Tunnels; same high level as the Pits, and no cold immunes there to worry about.


Farm NM andy, trav and meph until you have 3-4 sojs. That should be enough to buy you tals armor, shako, occy and other gear for hell difficulty, assuming you don't find those items on your own.

Also if you play online, remember that perfect gems are the poor man's path to wealth. You can trade the pgems you find for decent mid-level uniques that will help you a lot in NM.