Where, Oh Where, Has my life gone?


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Where, Oh Where, Has my life gone?

I had an absolutely wonderful Wolfbarb, but upon joining a new clan, I decided to remake him. So, with my usual slowness, a couple of months later I actually finish him. I switch over all of my gear, being VERY careful with stat points - on my old barb, I was about 2% short from max block on accident - and I had hoped that by being more precise I could squeeze out max block and more life from my beloved wolfy.

However, I was wrong. I am about 200 life short, when all is said and done, from my original wolfbarb. So, I did the math myself to see what happened:

1707 life without bo or shapeshifting
lvl 33 bo - 131% life bonus
lvl 8 wolf/lycanthropy - 85% bonus
Assuming that the bonuses are added, that means my life gets an additional 216% bonus. Not bad, eh?
That comes out to 5394.12 life total. A large improvement over my old barb's 4868 life total, I must say.
But the problem is that I DON'T have 5394 life; my new barb falls well short of the math, reaching only 4600 life - 268 LESS than my old one, might I add.

So, yeah, I made a new barb, and his life kind of goes *poof*. Can anyone please explain this?

Oh, and one more thing: Is shout's bonus added onto Iron Skin's? Because, if not, then my defense is probably running around with the life that isn't showing up -.-.

I would be very grateful if anyone could clear these things up for me. :)