Where did I go wrong?


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Where did I go wrong?

Ok, I had a lvl 73 meteorb sorc(my she rest in peace :)). She rocked in NM (except for the cold immune witches in WK). I get to Hell and completely get my *** handed to me. I had a barb merc with some decent gear, not great. he had about 20% LL, but only lasted a short while on the cold immunes. My skill points were 20 FO, 15 Static, 15 CM, a few in prereqs, and the rest in fire tree. Maybe my error was in maxing out Orb while ignoring the fire tree. The bad part was the exp gained in NM was almost non-exsistant, and couldn't kill for beans in Hell. I will rebuild but was looking for some feed back as to where I went wrong. What is the best merc for a meteorb sorc? Anyone have a sorc that can solo Hell?


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Off the top of my head, I'd say:

up to 20 Orb
up to 10 CM
up to 20 Firewall
up to 20 Firemastery
Rest as needed in Warmth, Static, ES, Telekinesis

I think Meteor just needs too many synergies to work effectively...and as it is it will be hard enough to get the build above working. (at lv 80, you have s.th like 90 points to spend...and 70 are spend in my suggestion above already)

Maybe a HF merc would work better to keep Monsters in Firewalls?


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thanks for the reply. I was thinking about maybe going with Orb/Fireball next time. I really hate the delay on meteor. Question: would fireball put mosters in a hit recovery lock?


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Fireballs slightly stun but isnt very damaging without synergys and mastery.

Were you playing solo? EXp doenst really get slow until 77 or so in full NM games and really its not to a snails pace until lvl 80.

Althouhg many many many sorcs run around solo in hell they all basically avoid anything immune to them. This isnt what I call soloing in Hell. IMO no sorc can effectively solo Hell except the build you made and then that build needs to be in solo games to solo Hell and needs to be played patiently.

Barb Mercs are not killers without a big weapon. Might Mercs are killers, Defiance and HF Mercs can be killers with a big weapon. Remember Barbs use Bash and stun, not devistating damages unless given a big weapon.

People can argue all they want, but it is a simple fact a Sorc cannot solo hell safely. They will always have death knocking at the door. The best way to get a Sorc thru Hell is with a Party and get lvled up, gut that Merc stronger and then go to areas where there are minimal immunes.

Personally I prefer in 1.10 to use lower resist charges and maximize one element, and if you feel the need get a small secondary element. Trying to have two adequate elements means neither are powerfull and you ahve basically no defense. If you ahve one maxed element and maximized defense you can avoid immunes, or be able to tank them and static for your merc.

Lower resist wands cast money to repair but as long as you pick up crap to sell you will never notice it. At a guess a LR wand can remove resists from 95% of all immune monsters. LVL 1-3 LR wands pop up pretty frequently for sale, not sure if they go past lvl 3 as I havent seen one. It is a bit cheesy but it works effectively.

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I did ok in hell with my meteorb sorc. Pretty much did it by myself just had problems with act bosses after andy. I died in CS but that wasn't because she was weak. Anyways, I had 20 FO 20 Ice bolt and 1 into cold mastery. I wish I went 20 FO and 20 Cold mastery though because I guess you get a better return from cold mastery then ice bolt synergy. I put 1 into static 1 into chilling armor 1 into teleport. Fire tree was being built upon when I died and had meteor and fire mastery up to about 19 and 17 respectively. I let +skills take care of things. I wasn't wearing godly gear mostly things I found other then tals orb/belt and helm. Socketed everything with resistence items and had boots gloves and armor that gave +res. An ammy that I gambled and rings with +res and mana, on the weapon switch I used chromatic Ire which I found from NM baal. My act2 defiance merc lvl74 was less then perfect but hardly ever died and held things in place while I hit em with my spells. He wore iron pelt, tals mask and a meat scraper (lol) but the LL and fast attack speed actually worked good until he was able to wear the other weapon I had for him. When he even came close to dying I just teleported back and healed him, no big deal. I took it slow which works wonders when you don't get to cocky which happened on the last seal right hand side of the CS, someone popped it before I could get out of the way. Anyways moral of the story is take it slow and be patient and you'll be fine. I have since then quit because I am very busy lately with working full time and school part time, gym, bsketball etc etc but I am itching to come back and play again, maybe next year probably when the new ladder season starts. :D


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I think that CL would make for the best sorc if you wanted to solo hell. I have two reasons for this;
1) Your +tab gear will give you bigger ES and cheaper teleport, two things which help you stay alive more effectively.
2) Lightning seems to be the only immunity consistently broken with wands of LR. Infact, other than LE/LI bosses, I don't recall a single monster that ever kept their immunity with my trapper. The minions of destruction (or whatever they're called) and venom lords all stay FI, and I can't think of any of the top of my head, but I know there are monsters that remain CI as well.
A build would look something like;
20 TK
20 CL
20 Lightning
20 LM
1 ES
1 Static
1 Warmth
The rest would go into CB/ES/Warmth, I wouldn't know since I've never played such a sorc. I think with decent skill gear that 1 should be enough in ES and Static since the +lightning stuff you're wearing would add to each of them. The only reason I don't try such a build is that CL is just UNCOOL TO THE MAX now that it needs FCR instead of IAS...my 1.09 one used to be all sorts of fun using 2x IAS mosers + Silence phase + IAS'd harly and it just wouldn't seem the same any more =(

Or, if you want the best sorc for "soloing" hell, IE teleporting around and dodging CI's, then it's all about;
20 Orb
20 CM
20 TK
10 Teleport
20 Warmth
10 Static
Rest into frozen bolt
Depending on your preferences and gear you could max frozen bolt and take away from teleport and warmth and static.
With the only important gear being a Nightsmoke or Naj's Light plate, and preferably some fast cast.
The thing with this build is that it's tough to die. For example with good gear Starzia (#1 sorc on USEast) was able to take 5 WWs from someone using a BotD ghost spear (last FPA breakpoint) and 10K damage before dying...I think he juv'd once at the start.


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first of all, take a look at the sc meteorb guide on the sorc forum, it's pretty good and due to the guide's ways of little energy, high life, high block, it makes a pretty good hc sorc too

but if you wanna go meteorb, your problem was in too high level static and not enough into fireball/meteor/fm. try:
20 orb
~10 CM (off the top of my head, 17 with all +skills is the eventual goal... i think?)
20 meteor/fireball and (lastly) fm
1 static/teleport
get a cold armour or es on weapon switch, but try to avoid wasting points on them

then in playing, its meteor at 1/2 way between your merc and the baddies, spam a couple fireball, meteor repeat... this takes practice, but no more so than firewall i think. and meteorb's strength is really in fire, not in cold, so your orb isn't gonna be as strong. the build really is meant to take advantage of the pair of skill/synergy of meteor/fireball, and the fact that killing fire immunes with a slightly weak orb is much easier than killing cold immunes with, well, a weak anything.

and most importantly, like was said before, get a might/defiance/hf merc... i like hf just cause my defense isn't that great, and the might tends not to help leech as fast as i think it should (IMO). they're really the only ones that live long enough (unless you have some godly super fast incredibly high damage lots of leech ethereal sword lying around... and then just build a dueler :p )


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MoUsE_WiZ said:
The only reason I don't try such a build is that CL is just UNCOOL TO THE MAX now that it needs FCR instead of IAS...my 1.09 one used to be all sorts of fun using 2x IAS mosers + Silence phase + IAS'd harly and it just wouldn't seem the same any more =(
ha! i couldn't agree with you more!!! i miss my 2xshaeled cutlass of quickness... automatic machine lightning


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Yes, a moment of silence in rememberance of my ShaelHelShaelHelShaelHel Phase Blade. :D

I think where you went wrong with your build was putting so many pts in Static so early. Not that it's not good to have a nice big Static range, but the Meteorb build depends on not wasting pts in things like Static and Warmth and TK. I also think you got ColdMastery a little too high, I would never put more than 10 pts base here with this build. It's also nice to concentrate on Fireball before Meteor, as it's spammable and easier to aim.

As for the Merc, I usually find that mine have quite a bit of trouble surviving without CBF and at least decent resists. Duriel's Shell will solve your problems here. You mentioned 20%LL, but he's not gonna leech much life if he's not doing any damage. Contributors to this problem are low defense on the Merc (can't swing if he's getting stun-locked), chance to hit (even my low-80's Mercs have trouble hitting monsters in Act1 Hell), and certain monsters' huge physical resistance. Just try to teleport away and give him a pot when needed. I'd also think a HolyFreeze Merc would be much better suited to Meteorb than a Barb.