Where can i find a good base for Chaos and what mods should i be looking for


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I have recently started playing again, and i want to make a WW-sin for PVM-purposes, mostly for fun. I checked my stashes out and realised i don't have a single 3-socket claw, and i don't know which one to use.

Most guides i find is about what to use for PVP.

So... What should i use as a base, where i should farm it, and does anyone have some tips about the other weapon?

(Sorry if the information is easy to find, but i just can't seem to find any good answers...)


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I prefer to make runewords in elite, fast bases, for assassin I would use Feral Claws or Runic Talons. As for mods, well, lots of options here: death sentry (best in my opinion since it will save you skill points), mind blast, BoS or Fade (depend on what you will use), venom, shadow warrior/master.

Acts 3-5 in Hell & Hell cows is the palce to look for those claws.


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Thanks man! I thought about doing cows or just keep up the CS-grind. Wouldn't a decent idea be to try to get a LK with weapon-racks with claws?

And - what claw should i use as an offhand for PvM? Should i go for a Cruel Fool's, or is there some basic-claw that works well?


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If you have a fast main hand (Runic, Feral) you can WSM bug your claws and use a harder hitting, slower base.

Ex: Runic main hand, Suwayyah Chaos (lift and replace the Suwayyah in left weapon slot every time you swap weapons)

E: as far as finding the base, Pit/AT/LK racks are all good options


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Doesn't WW always hit the fastest breakpoint with Chaos? At least I think it does. So you want the base with the highest damage.

I made mine in one with +DS to save a few skill points in prereqs. Very expensive to repair to, so save up those Ort runes. Often a base with +Venom is used.

Best places probably indeed AT, Pits and LK racks.

Edit: second weapon I used Shaeled Shadow Killer.


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While Chaos always hits the WW breakpoint, most people will also want to keep an eye on the trap breakpoint, too. Here is an old flowchart to help you with your decision.

                           Will you use Death Sentry?
                       YES                            NO
           Will you use Superior Claws?             It won't work.   
        YES                           NO
You will have no Gold.         Have fun with your WWsin.


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I made mine in a normal Suwayyah, which I added sockets to with the cube recipe. No regrets. I have +6 shadow disc. on switch so venom/fade on my chaos would've been pointless. Only relevant skills would've been claw mastery and claw block (don't normally spawn as staffmod afaik) and death trap (simply for the increased radius).

A 2nd Chaos is the best 2nd claw, but if you can't afford it there are some other good options: Nat's claw (my choice), Up'd Bartucs, Firelizards, Shadow Killer (shael), Jade Talon (shael), rare (cruel and fools/grandmaster). I don't have fortitude or CoH so the Nat's demon/undead 200%ED made it the best claw for me, but this will vary depending on your gear. Fade will help a lot with resists making Jade talon unnecessary in most setups, unless you want stacked resists for some reason.


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Thanks for the suggestions guys.

I totally lucked out and found a 3-socket Suwayyah, with +2 DS. Really not looking for anything more as it is mostly a build for fun, but i was thinking about a few weeks to find a decent one, so i'm happy :) I think i'll go with a Jade Talon until i get a good rare with Fools etc.