when will ladders reset ?


when will ladders reset ?

not sure if there is a place bnet shows when servers will reset

i play uswest, if it matters

i'd like to know when the D2x and d2x hardcore ladders reset

or, a good guess...



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no one actually has any idea when the ladder will reset, but i think it will be pretty soon because most poeple are rolling in riches by now


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As long as there is no mass dupe or other hacks, there will be no reset.
And while many people are playing WoW, there will be no reset.
I guess we have to wait until 3Q - 2006.


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I would venture to say that there will be another reset, but that may be the last. I know no more than the rest of you guys, but this is just my feeling. WoW IS dominating and D2 is a 5 or 6 year old game. A very successful 5 or 6 year old game, with a loyal following, but it is a 5 or 6 year old game.

Regardless, I think Blizz has other things to do now,than worry about a few free Bnet servers. WoW is making them a ton of money and D2 makes them nothing. They may worry about us for a little while longer but that concern will wane soon. Maybe I am a pessimist, too.

Now, if the D3 rumors are true... Then it is a different ballgame.
the projected time is somtime in april .. which is quite soon. this is if season 2 lasts as long as season 1 did. :wink2:

imo d3 is totally impossible, but i have a feeling that they will reset the ladder sometime within the next 1 or 2 months.

thats the best part of d2, starting the new ladder season with friends :)