when to abuse corners?

when to abuse corners?

Hey everybody :). I was just wondering in which duels is it smart to stand in a corner, and in which duels isn't it smart? I know in 1.09 classic all bone necros went to a corner protecting themself with walls and such versus orbers. Now in 1.10 LOD I guess it would be most usefull against chars like WW barbs and such?


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not bone spear, bone spirit
some of them duel very boring
all they do is spam bone spirits then teleport back if you approach them on the automap
that's why you hide behind the walls so they can't get you and if they ever run out of mana bang on them

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mhh, maybe I need to review my info, but, last time I checked Bone Spirits go OVER the bonewalls...or throught...or whatever.

So, the only cornering you could do would be to stand in the corner of a house, but he could just tele in front of you and spirit your face into shreads...so what's the points?