When the Ladder gets reset


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When the Ladder gets reset

So, preference wise, when the ladder gets reset, will you just keep your characters and play nonladder? Or will you start over on the new ladder season?

I don't mind starting from scratch, and I really like playing ladder for some reason. Nonladder seems kind of bogus to me, like washed up or something. Besides using your characters and equipment in NL, what other reasons would you play it? Just curious as I hear a lot of buzz about the approach of the ladder reset, I plan to start over and probably scrap my soon to be NL characters.


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no one knows when ladder resets...

once it does, all your ladder chars are moved to nonladder.

check Aragorn's signature for a link to the ladder news thread b/c this thread will probably be locked.


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I wouldn't think this thread would be locked because it is about what we might do when the reset happens, not about when it will happen. Then again.....

For me, I will do ladder over again and try and advance faster. Advance means get "rich" faster, or get "rich" at all. For the new season I want to get an annihilus charm fairly early on either by trading or finding one. I plan on getting more runes too. This season I cubed 8 gul runes into 4 vex. I used one in a HotO. Traded one for a Ber rune (duped, most likely) and still have 2 left. I also want to find better gear and upgrade it earlier on in the season. Then find tradables so I can make two or three really great characters. A cookie Blizz sorc (for MF) Hammerman for rushing and a gold find barb. Once I get my base set up then I want to try some "off the wall" builds just for fun.


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If I don't quit by the ladder reset, I'm going to start playing on ladder, it will be a change from my NL guys.Also, starting over fresh seems pretty fun.

I'm gonan build a MF sorc and maybe a Hammerdin. Then after I get some good items I can begin to have some fun.


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Well, I've been playing the first ladder and nonladder since the second one.

I plan on continuing nonladder, but, when the new ladder starts, I plan on getting as high as possible with my clan. And from there on, gather a lot of runes and ladder-only-runewords :thumbsup:


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Although I have never had a ladder char until a few days ago, and it is definately frustrating having nothing when lots of others have a lot, I have decided to try HC Ladder next season. I have never played HC, and I think it will be an awesome challenge.

On a second note, please dont dump your ladder chars when they become NL. A lot of people are still making new chars and don't have a lot to start with. Although I probably dont need the items as much as some others, I have many mules full of stuff that I try to dispense to the needy, so I think giveaways are a great idea.


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here we go...

the only reson i started playing ladder is cuzz my bro wanted me to... i hope he stays on nl when it resets. i thinl ladder is only there to make ur nl chars better...just my opinion. i hate starting over neway my nl chars r awsome no reason to put that to waste.