When should i use "Doom"?


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When should i use "Doom"?

I just rolled doom ba 34x/44 (damn this bad luck with rolling rws..:undecided: ). Should i buy/make another too or do they work good with beast? When should i use it? Against who? I've heard that they are handy against Bowazons and windies, but do they work against others too? Is that cold pulse and dmg strong enought to be used as "main weapon" and widow on second weapon or something like that.

Thanks for any help.:smiley:


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Doom is not a main hand weapon, duel doom is used on switch for bo + the aura stack to help kill windy oak + wolves with the pulses also to use vs bowas.

Also it more dmging to use doom + grief than doom + beast.

Vs troublesome smiters doom is usefull, it can also be used vs javas effectively as well, or even any ias based mele type build, i.e zealer etc, EXCEPT vs other ww barbs.

wot do u mean Widow on "second" weapon? On switch or together as u can wield a bow and axe at the same time.

Grief ideally should always be primary weap or Botd and Beast always secondary on ur main hand.


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First of all, Doom + Grief works better than Doom Beast.

Doom's cold pulse is no where enough to damage anything of importance. Lot of people seem to say its good to blast away Windy's minions, but with a single Doom it takes couple pulses.

Widow makes a good secondary weapon.

You don't even need Doom against pure bowers, but yes that raises your chance from 98% to 99% if you do.

Doom works awesome against Smiters. Its basically effective on melee using ias, but I just prefer Beast over it for most duels.