When is this ladder season resetting?


When is this ladder season resetting?

I was just coming back to this game (been trying to get my D2 LOD key which I cannot currently find!!) and a friend of mine told me a ladder reset was due in September.

Could anyone tell me when this ladder season would be over? :) Its better to wait and start that start playing from scratch with no friends and then the ladder resets on you one week later!! bang!;-)


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There doesn't seem to be a set date for it. It will reset when Blizzard deems it ready to be reset. The September thingy was only because the last ladder was reset in that month (or was it 1st Oct) of 2005. Clearly we are already in October 2006. So it could either be anytime soon, or anybody's guess.

Oops, the last ladder reset on 8 Aug 2005. Hmm, yeah, that's right.


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Maybe that thread should be part of the announcements, since you can only see it if you're in the Community sub-forum. Anyway, best guess, due to Blizzard's tendencies and vacation times, is 15-16 months between resets. That puts it in the first two weeks of either November or December, of which I'm betting the latter so kiddies can play during the holidays.