When is the next ladder real reset?


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When is the next ladder real reset?

I just started ladder few days ago. So I just want to know when it going to reset so I can get all the item away before it happen.


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I bet ya 4 Digglers the Ladder will reset one year after it started...I believe that was November...not sure anymore...

(Im joking, no one knows when it will restart.)


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Hey Steve said:
truly you are the incarnation of reizarfg :scared:
Maybe I am :evil:
Seriously, the next ladder season can't start before it starts or after it starts. That is the only thing we can be sure of. Everything else=rumors.


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I'm not betting anything, but i do expect it will never restart.

I doubt blizzard even dares to restart it, for many 1000's of people would get severly pissed off, flood their forums to spread their anger, hack their servers and tell they wont by another blizzard product ever again (while in reality they will buy the next game on the day of release, but that doesnt matter)


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I think it would be nice if they reset it every time like 15 people hit lvl 99 or some #of people like that


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I guess the ladder will never reset as it seems blizzard has stop working on d2. There is a slight chance that they will have a small update to fix a few bugs, ban botts and maybe implement a server side patch to reset ladder automatically.

Since its blizzard we are talking about. 3 years this time :evil:


Ladder reset? Hah! Ladder wil lreset when someone goes into the blizzard company and starts it.


There is no ladder season. There is no reset. There is no hope. Diablo II will fall into disrepair. Hasn't anyone noticed the lack of people being banned as of late? Remember the "agressive stance" Blizzard was taking? Maphack came out in December, nothing has happened.

This is because.. Blizzard doesn't care. Diablo II is a closed book.


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If you want Diablo II where there are almost no hacks, mostly friendly people, and it's a challenge to find good items...

Play Classic like I do ;)