whats your favorite place visited!


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whats your favorite place visited!

ok whats the best place you have ever been and why? and whats the worst place you have ever been and why?

my best is florida. i just recently moved down here and except for the ocassional hurricanes and the torrential downpours, it is great, people and all.

my least fav place would have to be chicago. i was there on a train trip and lemme tell you...rude people and smells horrible.

so dont be shy, lets hear about this lovely world! (as if...)

Ash Housewares

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New Orleans

all I did was eat

don't really have a worst, Laughlin is crappy, but even then I don't mind hopping over the river & screwing around in Arizona for a little while


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hmm...best i would have to say was...my summer vacation...i went to ciudad de mexico, puebla, queretaro, guadalajara (and i ssaw the chivas play..they won 7-0! ;) )and i saw all my cousins that live there...and since i almost never see them i had a great time...either that one or the time i went to san diego to see cirque du soleil: varekai..it was awsome

worst would have to be..when i went to paris...probably beacuase i was 3 and dont remember a thing:p


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Best place visited : San Antonio in Ibiza. Wild nights of clubbing for three weeks. :flip:

Worst place visited : Liquid night club in Newbury (where I live).



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Best place I've ever visited?

I'd have to say it's a tossup between numerous places in Alaska, such as:

Shemya Island, because it's the almost-last island on the Aleutian chain and is so remote that very few people have ever set foot on it.

Barrow, because it's amazing to see the sun not set for 91 days straight. It's just so far north that the sun never gets close to the horizon.

Denali National Park... Mt. McKinley is the most awesome thing I've ever seen.

WORST place? Easy. Florida. YUCK!! It's so humid I could barf, and the people I encountered were terribly rude and looked like overbaked sausages. You remember Magda from "Something about Mary?" Like that! The place is way too flat for a mountain enthusiast like me.

Other worst places include the rest of the Lower 48 states. Ugh... y'all can have them.


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The coolest place I've been has got to be White Sands, NM. Pictures don't even do it justice, you gotta see it for yourself. Probably the most tranquil and gorgeous place I've ever been to, despite the whole, missile testing grounds thing.

Can't say I've ever been to a place that was so bad that it stands out as the "worst" place I've been.