Whats your current d2 project?


Whats your current d2 project?

Right now, I'm working on 3 chars. Barb, necro and wind druid.

Barb is looking very nice and only needs etheral colossus blade.

Necro needs 2 sojs, enigma, call to arms, and a high fast ammy and 2 P/B grand charms.

Wind druid needs 2 sojs, maras, call to arms, enigma, and completely redo his stats :p.

Right now, using my sorc to mf baal in hopes of getting high end expensive items like death's web, griffon eye, all for trading purposes :).


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Right now, I'm working on forcing my brother to get my CD back.

Six weeks with no DII...help me...thank God for Diablo I.


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Hmm, a single-players Fishymancer to get some initial wealth to work with, but I might actually start up some sort of caster as I have got a lot of caster-equipment already.

Maybe a Singer barbarian.


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My project was, until this morning, to make a Heart of the Oak for my pure Blizzard sorceress. I traded for my second Gul rune about half an hour ago, cubed it up to a Vex, and I KoVexPulThul'd a 4 socket Flail - and lo and behold, +39 Resist all. I'm the king of the world! Plus only four more levels until I can use my +29 maras.

When I get good enough, I'll kill mephisto like a banshee to get gear for me and my friends.


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Me and my brother are gonna play through the game with two druids. Me with a wind guy and he with some mix of poison and summon. I already have the perfect name for the wind druid: Blowjob_Johnny (Yes you know, the wind blows and everything). My brother didn't think that was funny, though.


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HA HA I like the name Fear
I think its safe to say you will get many laughs with that one!:lol:

I have always played druids of various builds, but tried my first necro a month ago and I am enjoying the heck out of them! I am on my second necro now. As they say, practice makes perfect!