What's your Christmas list for this year?


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I think that this year you need to give yourself a present and do what you want for Christmas. Your family is going to make you miserable regardless of what you do, so you might as well do something you want.
Thanks, but I think I'll have to go. Sometimes the confrontation is the only cure. Also, my parents have a cat and he's really sweet, and he might be happy to see me again (unless he finds out it doesnt mean extra food, but still).



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Well, my cell contract expires in December, so the mother said she'd buy my a new phone since I plan on switching carriers.

Samsung Sync

Probably a Carhartt jacket from my father, along with some other stuff.

An NSRV Bible from my grandparents.

A bunch of DVDs, including Boondock Saints, Pulp Fiction, Tombstone and the like.
So you too have a list of things you're going to get from people? Kind of like a wedding registry or something? Weird.



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I don't really have a list.

I did however treat myself to something nice this year. :grin:


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Isn't that cheating? Well, I guess my wife and I do the same, but that's mostly because we're poor.
I know that my parents will ask me what I want for Christmas and my Birthday. It is more giving them ideas, not saying buy this for me.



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It's a good thing I have a heathy sense of humor. :starry:
I did think it didn't sound very congenial a few hours after I posted it, but I can honesty say that Smeg's post was the first one that made me laugh in quite some time.

As I said, it wasn't at your expense. :flowers:

Actually, I did think of one thing I wanted but I have to buy it myself. I so do need a trackball. I am getting back into gaming and I am very poor with mice. I also need to get my hub back from Steve.



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I'd really like some Threadless.com shirts. I love a lot of the designs.

And I'd like some money too, of course. xD


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A Zune.
A Wii.
A 1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS In black or white (I can only hope)
A lot of newer clothing. My stuff is really getting old.
A bail of Money.
These are things I will most likely never get as a gift. The Zune seems better than the Ipod, I really enjoy playing the Wii, the car I wish for my first car ever (pretty rare to find them too), I seem to only wear the same clothes every week without and change though I don't like my mom's choices when picking clothing, she seems to pick out the cheapest stuff that looks like I come from the country (Who wears black jeans...?, Who wears dark blue jeans that are really blue?) She seems to think that I can just wear anything and feel good about it. Fitting in is a goal of mine in school. At my age (16), I am at a time where I've pretty much stopped growing. I can buy clothes now I will be able to wear for at least 4+ years, hopefully. I got paint stains on my pair of jeans I bought for myself last year that I really liked. My parents think quantity over quality. That was ok when I was growing up, but now I would rather have fewer but more quality gifts. The same applies to most everyone in my family. They get me really useless gifts I never ask for. My Grandma and older brother are the only ones in my family that get me stuff I really use alot/want. Also because I am the youngest in the entire family, they always think of me as the baby. I get all the stuff I would have wanted 2-3 years ago.
Some more realistic wishes/goals:
-Get a job
-Have fun
-Introduce myself to a beautiful young lady at school
-Talk with my oldest brother about interesting things (cars, electronics, gaming)

I will most likely be getting my mom some trimmers for her gardening.
Dad will get a tie.
I dunno about my brother, maybe a new game.
My older brother I hope to get somethin nice. He won't be visiting, so I'll have to send it to him through the mail.

I try not to get my hopes up during the holiday season, because I will be let down most of the time. I don't really look forward to Christmas anymore because it has lost all meaning to me. I'm not religous at all, I don't talk to my family much since I live 300-400 miles away from them. I just think that with more responsibilities in the family and getting older that it is not bad for me to ask for these nice things.