What's you bane ?


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My characters are all pretty much well setup and can all do T6 without too much trouble but doing GR is another matter. My two favorite characters are DH and Monk and those have my best gear. DH is running GR at level 32-34 and monk 35-36. Some of the monsters I face in GR are giving some serious trouble. When playing my DH, Thunderstrom mod is a real pain in the butt. As most DH do, I don't engage enemies in close quarter. I keep as much distance as possible between me and my foes. The problem for my DH is that a pack of elite with TS is able to hit me at very long range dealing major damage. I don't have the right amulet that could protect me against lightning damage. This requires a change of strategy, I dump sentries and run almost shooting enemies out of screen. In many cases, I die a few times anyways at the hands of such fiends...

When playing my monks, the worst mod an elite pack can have is fire chain. This mod deals a scandalous amount of damage. One of my monk is pretty tanky and cannot survive very long if he gets surrounded by a fire chain wielding elite pack. This monk has 45k toughness and his resistance are all between 1400-1600, LOH is aorund 32K. Still he dies in a few second if he's getting caught within the fire chain. I don't have many solutions at hand here, I just try not to get caught in this fire chain by moving and repositioning myself.

Well fellows, what are your banes and do you deal with them ?