whats yar age?


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whats yar age?

this has been probably posted before but i am curious how old is everyone around here. so how old are you? but to make it mo0re interesting tell also what age do you feel you are. for example i am 16 for now but actually i feel around 15 or sometimes 14 :lol: you?


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which is 8 more than the number of characters I need for this post...


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I'm 28, feel 18ish, when trying to keep up with my 11 months old son ( :clap: ) 50!! The energy in that little size is unbelievable!


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"I ain't as good as I once was, but I'm as good, once, as I ever was."


I am 37. I guess I still feel pretty young most of the time... say mid 20's.


Im 19 but I feel like everyone else here is old as......

hey some old person give me a good analogy for something old