Whats wrong with my sin?


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Whats wrong with my sin?

ok, i'm a lvl 92 kicker sin...

My Defence
almost 3k life (workin on how to get it higher)
Max Block
50% DR
Mid resists (in hell)
Low defence (not much i can do in this area with a kicker)

My offence
I have venom constanly going on 234 damage per second fully resisted pvp
i say constantly because i use blade shield, and its constantly reaplied
through thier and my own hits

I have maxed speed 6 kicks at 250 pvp damage a piece
Level 20 Thorns (101% damage returned pvp)
Amplify damage curse on them
High chance of open wounds
High AR

And i get completely murdered by zealers...

I found that since zeal is uninteruptable, i can't stun lock them with it mattering anyway... any thoughts about how i can kill zealers? or are zealers just all around better melee than kickers (no matter how i build them?)


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ar? (exactly how much you have)
skills u maxed?

all these are important. im sure speedlander can hwlp out once u give a little more insight of your build.


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my kicksin would get owned by any halfway decent zealer out there when i played her wrong. against zealers i had to try to trigger OW, and let that do it's work while i ran. yes it's cheap, but i dueled pubby


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Against zealers i spam mind blast first, throw a cloak over him, move in with the tele-kick, hit him with the 1000 kicks just once, back up/run, mb, and repeat. Assassins are hit and run, NOT toe to toe like the Tankadin and the What the Hellazon.

Your key item here is the draculs for the ow. Hope either the ow or the life tap triggers.

'Mid resists' are definitely NOT good enough! The damage in hell, especially p vs p., does not come from the physical as much as from the damage triad and massive elemental damage. Other than blocking, you can't prevent the damage triad (ow,cb and ds/cs.) But you can wield dual shaeled jade talons after prebuffing with bartucs. Keep that in mind.


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One thing Speeder always mentioned in kicker threads is that you need to have a specialized kicker, all around kickers will generally be mediocre at best and not very strong. Either melee or caster killer has to be chosen.

If you go melee, might I suggest using a Beast runeword.