Whats would be the best uber killer team?

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Whats would be the best uber killer team?

I know, I know that if u use a smiter and some cb, life tap, and ias that u can kill them by yourself real easy. But thats not y im asking this question. What would the best team that would be able to kill these guys without smiters. Ive killed them once before with a team of people and it was really fun, but when i did it by myself it was actully boring. More boring then mfing. So what do you guys think would be a fun way to kill these guys. challenge is the key.

My idea would be to use a blizzerd sorc and hammerdin for crowd control. A summone necro for a meat shield that uses life tap and lower res when needed. A barb for big bos and some extra damage. A aruadin for aruas like salvation and convetion for +res and -res and a bowazon with lots of CB and and ias for the uber killer. I know this would take longer but I think it would be funner and a challenge for everyone.


Any combination that provides physical damage and/or crowd control can be effective.

A smiter, frenzy barb, or fury druid would cover the physical damage. The barb can howl, which will do some crowd control, or you can bring in a necro to cast curses. As long as the melee characters can depend on life tap, they will be able to survive. My team would be a smiter and frenzy barb, but I'm a barb fanatic. A fury druid would be a fine choice too.

Casters are not very effective in Uber-Tristram. Either they don't do enough damage (immune monsters), or they will die too quickly. Sorcs, bone necros and wind druids are fun and popular builds, but can't kill the ubers by themselves. Although I have seen video clips of summoner necros clearing Tristram fairly quickly.


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Yeb a combi of palas and barbs would do fine. Palas for the auras and smit, barbs for the phisical damage and warcries


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I'd go for a full pala team, or perhaps with one necro for life tap.

The paladin's auras will all stack making the team very strong. 95% res to all (+238 without ony +skill nor items). Even with conviction shoud be possible I think. A lot of extra phisical damage (+700+ extra damage form aura's). Crowd control (hammerdin). Elemental damage (Vengeance). Nearly perfect change to hit (-90% defence and +135), conversion (42%), extra defence. If you can keep some mercs alive, you can even reach higher benifits.


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Well, killing übers with no use of physical damage would be quite an accomplishment, and a challenge.


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i wouldn't think in terms of characters but in terms of components needed for a successful trist run:
- static (sorc)
- oak sage (dru)
- various auras, esp. conviction,salvation (pala)
- various curses (necro)
- high bo (barb)
- high dmg (javazon,barb,...)

high bo + oak sage would give all participants INSANE life, salvation max res, and conviction would reduce enemy res by much
javazon would kill dia/baal fairly easily with cs, the only problem would be meph for whom lifetap+barb/zealer would be needed (either way, CB would make the battle a lot easier)

pretty much a team we used a while ago to do 8pl trist runs (minus the necro), as shown in this pic: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v629/xmasterx/tristramtrio.jpg

very powerful team but a lot of lag as well


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Blizzard = bad crowd control, I don't like using sorcs. Hammers do work, but something like a zealer will be much better.

So you want a team of characters that will purposely have a hard time against ubers...? So much possibilities then...

Just remember to stray away from any melee paly / barbs with tons of cb / ar because those types ezeat ubers.

Summoner = ultimate fun. Get some of those Urdars, I know lot of people have already solo'd with much effort the ubers with a summoner.


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well... frenzy barb seems decent for boss control/damage... hamma or conv pala&java zon for crowd...well... any good char would help, less chars= harder= more interesting..:) xexe, btw my java zon (96 lvl) did tristy with auradin pally


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All-Paladin team: Exemplar, Trinitar, Avatar and my Templar (everyone else's Liberator). It has just about every aura under the sun, including Heart of Wolverine, Spirit of Barb and Oak Sage charges. Life Tap hitpower from the Exemplar is probably the most important survival curse, so Amplify Damage and Decrepify would interfere, otherwise they'd be good, too. Obviously, one of them should have a CtA on switch, probably the Exemplar, since he'd rarely be using a ranged attack.

I think that pretty much does it.


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If you are looking for a challenge take a Singer Barb and Sorc into Trist. Or any other non-conventional characters. That was a blast and a half to complete it when I did it. It took a chunk longer than a smiter though.

For a solid 8 person team or so, the others have given some great adivce for a well rounded team.


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emar said:
If you are looking for a challenge take a Singer Barb and Sorc into Trist. Or any other non-conventional characters. That was a blast and a half to complete it when I did it. It took a chunk longer than a smiter though.
You killed the Ubers using nothing but a sorc and singer?! Was the sorc a bear or zeal sorc? That actually doesn't sound unreasonable.


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Fluffballer said:
You killed the Ubers using nothing but a sorc and singer?! Was the sorc a bear or zeal sorc? That actually doesn't sound unreasonable.
Yes she was melee :)

My Barb opted for a different weapon before heading in.

My friend joined me when my 'army' fell.

Singer in Trist


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smiter to take down ubers
summon nec (with mages, skeles, and revives) for crowd control

or just a team of smiters, although my smiter could solo all 3 ubers at once in 8 player games :)

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Heres a challenge I dare any clan or someone with 7+ diablo friends that get online a lot to try. NO MELEE CHARS WHAT SO EVER. This wouldn't mean you couldnt use a barb, but he would have to use warcrys at all times.(BTW merc's do not count) My idea for a 8 player team would be:
Pure blizzerd sorc /////Merc is a prayer with insight.
Pure light sorc /////Merc is a Holy Frezze with infinty.
Pure Fire sorc /////Merc is a Defience with ???????something useful.
Hammerdin /////Merc is thorns(like you didnt see that comeing)
Barb with only war crys //////Merc is a Mite merc.
Bonemancer //////Merc is a Rouge with Faith.
Trapsin //////Merc is a Blessed aim
Windy druid //////Merc is light Ironwolf with dream shield/helm.

OR instead of the windy druid you coud use

Another hammerdin that has highlvl salvation

This would be hard. Really hard if you didnt use any CB on your mercs. But if all the chars are built right and they work together they could take down the ubers and thier minons. You would pretty much want the Blizz sorc and trapsin to take out the minons while the rest fight the ubers.


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herbboy said:
hdin,barb,smiter get them good gear and they own

or just get a smiter. but thats not the point of this thread.

demonic: a good windy can solo, and it'd be just more easier with a wc barb and hdin. and btw, this is your post, I thought you were sorta looking for challenging team to trist. Now you're issuing the challenge to others..?

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Ya I know its my post but I got an idea and wanted to share it. Ive tried a couple ones already and they were pretty fun. Then i tried my new idea and it was a blast. But it was a little to fast. Just try it out and you will see what i mean.