Whats with O/T ?


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Whats with O/T ?

Whats up with all these relationship advice/rant threads? I log in and I see 4 threads relating to this on the top half of the page.


Its because we just give out super duper good advice. :innocent: Yea... of course...... :innocent:

Mad Merlin

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I think it has something to do with that Valentine's day thing that you people were talking about a little while ago.


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Some climate zones may be going into an early spring now? Spring = Relationship threads in OTF.

Raft Boy

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ZeppelinAngel said:
pigs must be flying now, cause that's the first and probably the last time i'll ever hear that one ;)
You know, Zep, Freet basically gave you immunity here. So post what you want! Put up some Links of Doom! You know, something like th*BANNED*


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Sorry to ruin the fun... But back on topic (if only temporarily).

Yeah, that's what I was told last time when I asked the exact same question. It would appear that the relationship thread thing is a seasonal occurance that comes back every now and then. It would also appear that the thread asking how often the relationship threads appear is also a seasonal thing. It would seem to pop up when the relationship threads do. :p ;)