What's with baal runs till lvl 40???? wtf?

What's with baal runs till lvl 40???? wtf?

Alright i'm baffled! Why is everyone doing normal baal minion runs until they are like lvl 40.. then they finally kill... normal.. baal...

What's the wait for? Seems ridiculous to me.


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The point of doing Baal runs in normal mode are the Baal minions which give excellent XP, while Baal himself is unimportant with respect to that. However, if you kill normal Baal, normal games won't appear in the "join game" list anymore, but nightmare ones (you can still enter normal games, of course), so it might become a little annoying to find normal public games with lots of other players.


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you can easily do normal baal runs up to 50. once you get your character to level 27 or 28 it takes about an hour and a half to get him up to mid 40s with baal runs, might even be less than that. with such great exp there, why would you go ahead and do nightmare?


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Is actually often lv 42 or 43. Its so that you can equip exceptional uniques as soon as you enter NM and thus kill fairly well.


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Till level 39 is just perfect. Then get a boost through nightmare (which will give you enough xp to reach lvl 40) kill ancients, and join NM baal runs at level 41. You should level there to 60 in about 1,5 - 2 hours... Then it's up to hell and reach lvl 80+ in no time!

Goodluck :D



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I don't care about normal Baal. I just keep on questing until I'm done with nightmare. However, I often do nightmare Baal minion runs until my merc is L75, so he can wear Reaper's Toll.


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Zavior said:
I kill norm baal as soon as possible(lv21).
Then nm cows till high enough.
I do something very similar; I wait until I'm at least 25 though. Nightmare cows give awful experience if you're under level 25. I once leveled in cows with a friend, I started at 25, he started at 24. I was almost level 30 by the time he reached 25.


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Probably wait till level 40 because thats the perfect level to do nightmare ancients since thats when you start getting quest. Me personally though I leave normal at maybe level 30-35 then I do nightmare cows to nightmare baal runs.


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cow runs or baal runs are both good. Cow runs make it a bit more interesting however are a bit more annoying to setup

Personal preference though :)

And level 25 is a good start as you said pretty much max exp, below 23 is definately not a good idea, u will just be using too much extra time for nothing.

Plus NM cows can kill you pretty much instantly until you get to level 30+, where as it is realy hard to die on a baal run.

Like I said persoanl preference though


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The reason most people norm Ball until 40 is becasue that is the lvl you have to be to kill nm Ancients and proceed with nm Balling. Just stating it clearly.