Whats the trading currency on USWEST?


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Whats the trading currency on USWEST?

I play ######## ladder, but i was wondering if anyone if there was any official currency for west nowadays... hcl, hc, scl, and sc. i see people wanting shakos and high runes in the channels alot, but ive heard that pretty much all the high runes are duped now :xx: . sojs are much too rare still on ladder. But yeah, anyone heard of a generally accepted currency?


The problem with the currency is that the average bnetter has never owned an IST. Kind of hard to trade only a slect few have the currency. The currency needs to be common enough that every can get some, and also has practical usage (pgems anyone? Rerolling charms is good)


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runes from Enigma HOTO and CTA are the general currency. Sojs have alot of value atm, but there 2 expensive to be seen as a currency.


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SOJs are extremely valuable on US West Ladder. As for shakos, I found one from meph a while back and haven't seen meph drop it again since. But I was amazed--I immediately got an upgraded skulders for it. Those things must be worth alot.

povohat said:
SOJS have value now? is this on ladder or normal relms?


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I dont know, I have to trade a full list of items to get just 1 decent to good item anymore. But yes, it seems so hard for new players to get anything without finding it. And I personally have never found 1/2 the stuff I got, and I been mf'ding for 2 yrs. I got all mine thru chipped/perfect gems, and Blizz has so gracefully deleted the gem channel...gooood move.

If I were to start over now, think I would forget trading, and just try mfding to get decent stuff, and join aloooot of "freebie" rooms.:)

A friend of mine once said, play this game long enough (maybe a yr), and you'll have every item in the game...this is so true.


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I think runes are the currency on ladder. Low runes are used for crafting, Mid runes are used for upgrading, High runes are used in the rune words. Most runes seem to be in demand all the time, so that has to be the currency. Trying to get any 3 people to agree on the value of the currency is another matter altogether...


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on east in the trade channels a soj will get you anything

some people will say for example- 2 sojs for enigma

go into another channel and you'll see someone offering their enigma for 1 soj


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what i do to check currency is i go to trade channels and see what people are wanting/offering for stuff.