What's the official way to transfer gold between computers when using ATMA?


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I have D2 installed on different computers and I want to transfer gold from one to another. It seems that the Bank of ATMA is not part of a stash file which means that I cannot transfer it via a .d2x file.

I cannot enter a TCP/IP game with different, the computers are in different locations. I could make copies of high-level characters, load up gold on them and copy the .d2s files to the other computer, but that sounds a bit awkward.

Is there a more elegant way?


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Not sure if there is an official way to do this.

Judging from your post it looks like you're still gonna use both computers so why transfer it at all? Just dump the money on the comp you're on at that time and after a bit you have some cash at both.

I'm guessing the amount you have in stash has to be in a file somewhere so if you can find which one i guess you could increase the amount on one comp with amount X and decrease the same file on the other comp with the same amount. Though, just as with renaming characters or moving items around in ATMA, it would be something to be careful with so you don't accidentally dupe things.
NOTE: I'm not sure this is forum acceptable (or even possible), but if increased amount on one comp = decreased amount on other comp i'd say the effect is the same as putting it on chars, moving those to the other pc and then dumping it in other ATMA, only quicker and easier.

Another option would be to have a huge gambling spree. No more need to move it around. :)


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Yes, it must obviously be somewhere. I had a look in ATMA_CONFIG and in the registry as well, I couldn't find it.

Comp 2 is for casual play only while I have a L93 character on comp 1 who is better for gambling and crafting. There are differen character on each, so the chance for accidental duping is low. I could imagine to copy a character file from one computer to the other and transfer the money to ATMA's bank while dropping it ingame on the other, but as said, that's a bit awkward. I'm willing to spend absurd amounts of time into fixing small issues of that kind :)


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Why ATMA and not GoMule for 1.13? I can probably find it for you in GoMule, but ATMA I'm not sure.