Whats the most creepy movie you have ever seen?


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Whats the most creepy movie you have ever seen?

I had to make this post after the movie i saw yesterday, it was and i really mean it was the scariest movie i have ever seen in my entire life

Friday the 13th :eek: , anyone seen it?. Its about some camp leaders who get to Camp crystal lake. But its ''cursed'' cause people are always dying there. And they die one and one and nobody notices they are dead cause its a big thunderstorm outside.

I have to admit fella's i screamed like a girl when ''jason'' all of a sudden came out of the water and pulled the last leader out of the boat.

anybody seen this movie?


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I haven't seen that particular movie, but most scary movies are just stupid. I really like The Ring, which was very creepy but not exactly scary.


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Actually Yes... everyone has seen that movie :-D

Creepiest movie? **** I cant stop thinking about the creepy abandonned house i was tryin to deliver a pizza to the other day.

Youd think if you were given a description of a house like "brown house next to golf course"... you would expect one of the houses next to the golf course to not be brown.


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Ju-On 2 (Japanese version).
I saw it last year during a camping trip with some friends. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you go and see it. It's amazingly scary.


Well creepy as in disgusting then brain dead. That movie both sucked and made me ill. Sale goes for "bad taste" sucked and made me feel ill.

If scary then no movie.

As a kid my mom hammered into my skull how it was all actors and pretend to a point where I just started seeing every movie as a play.

So I have never seen any scary movies.


shining, by far ( the old one, not the cheap remake of the year 2000 )

all these slaughter and zombie and other monsters movies arent scary imo, just some random shock efect. watch shining, that s psyco... :eek:

btw : braindead is funny :) the man batteling the zombie baby on the playground for kiddies and the mothers watching him :) rofl... as i said above though, it aint creepy


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For some reason I thought it sadi crappiest movie. I had a good list, but now I'm stumped. The Grudge was pretty creepy, stll haven't seen the original, I'm sure thats worse.


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I thought 28 Days Later was pretty creepy. I also had to walk home alone at about 3am after watching it.


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Creepiest movie I have ever seen was Prince of Darkness, but of course I was about 12 when I saw it.

Second vote for the original Exorcist.


cotton said:
Creepiest movie I have ever seen was Prince of Darkness, but of course I was about 12 when I saw it.

Is that the one with the zombie people who sprayd water into the mouths of other people to turn them into zombies?


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jimi- said:
Friday the 13th , anyone seen it?
I've unfortunately seen all 10 films in the series. The first two were decent, but after that ... blech.

Betsy Palmer going into schizo mode during the final confrontation ("Kill her mommy!") and promptly getting her head chopped off was great though. :D

I've been a mark for the horror genre since I was a kid; unfortunately I've seen so many that they stopped scaring me quite a long time ago. I've seen quite a lot of movies that I find disturbing though. A real short list ...

Just about any film from the Japanese Guinea Pig series. Flower of Flesh and Blood and Mermaid in a Manhole in particular. I'm leaving Japan off my "places to visit" list. :lol:

The Wedding Trough - probably the sickest faux snuff film I've seen in quite some time. The film itself isn't scary at all - but what creeped me out is that there are people in this world screwed up enough in the head to make movies like this. It bothered me for days and I've lost my taste for bacon.


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I reckon any family's home movies are pretty creepy. Bad acting, no script, low budget, and the strangeness that are your relatives.