What's the big deal about pindleskin?


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What's the big deal about pindleskin?

Seriously. I've heard a lot about how he's the man to run to get good items, but I've never even got a single set or unique from him, not even a crushflanger! The one time I got a set was an incredible cathan's mesh, and that was from his minions OUTSIDE the temple.
MEphisto is definitely woth running, as he almost always drops something (sometimes as many as 3 uniques and 2 sets). But pindle? Big disappointment. Am I the only one who thinks running pindle is worthless?


Pindle's so much closer than mephisto is. Easy to just duck in the portal and kill him too. Easy combo with eldritch and shenk, if you're not running nihlathak. mfing's overrated though.

Evrae Altana

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CaimDark said:
But pindle? Big disappointment. Am I the only one who thinks running pindle is worthless?
The true value of Pindle running comes after hundreds upon hundreds of runs.


Whistan's Guard, that's all I've ever found from him that was worth anything. He drops rares from time to time but none of them have been worth more than 2k gold so far. I run him occasionally to kill time, when I venture out of the pit. Oops, I could've done a few pit runs in the time it took me to type this. :shocked:


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Nm pindle hardcore dropped me an ist !!
Hard not to pop in and kill him everytime in harrogoth after seeing that....


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I got a GrandFather from Pindle a long time ago when I was playing on the realm. And it's true, as many have said already, that he is easily accessible and good items come from countless amounts of runs. If you have a strong char. you can easily just slip in there for 10 seconds and kill him during MF runs. :prop:


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Pindle pays off. He'll drop good items from time to time, but generally it takes increments of 25-30 runs for anything truely worthwhile to even show up. Interestingly enough, virtually all of my wealth has come from this season.

So far he's dropped me (and no, I'm not making this up):

28% Death's Fathom
30 Mara's
Paladin Combat GC with 31 to Life

And those are just the notable items. From time to time he'll drop some good rares, uniques, and sets. Also, he's fast, which is the real reason to run him and his minions.


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I didn't do pindle runs till I started playing hardcore, shenk/eldrich/pindle gives great exp and at 84 its still pretty good. He dropped me aldurs armor too, which isn't amazing but useful since my druid is naked.


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In an Anya game in NM I poped in to kill pindle after the anya quest. He droped a 31 life Ele skiller that gave me 6 ist in ETF. :)