What's the best sword to use?


What's the best sword to use?

I can't afford Breath of the Dying so I'm intersted in getting your opinions on the best (affordable) sword to use for my sword/shield Barb who will be involved in duels from time to time.

I currently will use a Doombringer, as that's the only good sword end-game sword I have at this time.

Other ones I know of are Grandfather, Fury Balrog Blade... that's all I can think of.

I can't afford a Zod rune so I'd like to use an indestructible sword as the repair costs for swords gets really high and annoying.

I may be able to get a Grandfather, would that be better than Doombringer? Any suggestions/opinions anyone?
Go for a gf, it's pretty good. You could try a fury if you wanted, but they are kinda weak especially for the cost to make one now. Also might want to try a ccb, those need to be repair frequently and are sort of pricy though. I say go for the gf if you can, I always hated doombringer though :lol:


Stick with doombringer. GF isn't much of improvement over doombringer and its cost=effectiveness is poor :/.


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well...if ur really rich, u can get a eth ccb but since ur not, stick with doombringer it's pretty good :clap:


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In duel Doombringer & GF suck. The only option is Kingslayer (Mal Um Gul Fal) in Balrog Blade or Colossus Blade.

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U meant highland blade or someting else right?
those swords need 40 ias for the -35 ww breakpoint..unles they changed that^^