Whats the best build for Natalyas Set?


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Whats the best build for Natalyas Set?

I just completed my natalyas set, and was just wondering what is the best build suited for it. I've read that nats boots have a low dmg output, so a kicker wouldnt be a choice. Maybe a trapsin, or WW...?
she'll be mainly pvm, and has to be quite effective in hell.
hope you pros can help me with this
thanks in advance.

Duncan Idaho

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I'm using that build :

Max CM
Max DC
Max Venom
17 SM (with +skills)
1 MB
1 WB
rest in FoF

FoF helps against PIs/PsnI monsters. The goal is to finish the game in solo players 8 mode.

I suppose you can max your SM and put no points in FoF if you play in players 4 or less mode and if you have a good magic-dealing switch (ie Gimmershred/Tiamat, or better Famine runeword/4 jeweled shield)

Frenzied Bovine

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The problem is there aren't very many good builds with Nat's for a very simple reason.

Let's look at Natalya's full set bonus:

Partial Set Bonus
Magic Damage Reduced By 15 (2 Items)
+200 Defense (3 Items)

Complete Set Bonus
+3 To Assassin Skill Levels
+350 Defense
14% Life Stolen Per Hit
14% Mana Stolen Per Hit
All Resistances +50
Damage Reduced by 30% (Awesome!)
Magic Damage Reduced By 15
(I took the Fade off the end - no point.)

Nat's strips you of your Helm and Claw slots, a potential +6 to a tree of skills or +4 to all skills, and replaces them with a +3 to all skills bonus.

Add to that the fact that the boots from Nat's set totally suck for kicking, and that you can replicate the Nat's skill bonus to MA with a single Bartucs and there really isn't any particular need to wear the set over, say, a pair of tucs and a Shaftstop. The major driving force of the set is the resists and DR.

If you wanted to go all out you could replicate most of the Nat's set bonuses with 1x perf 200/8 tucs, 1x perf 2/2/15/50 Jade Talon and a Shaftstop. You'd end up a bit less life leech, something easily fixed, and you would actually have MORE skills this way.. 2 to all off the tucs, and +3 to MA and +2 to Shadow on top of that. And you've only used THREE eq slots.

GG Nat's set.

Basically, the one big key change I would make is to change Nat's claw. I'd give it +3 to Assassin skill levels as a partial set bonus that is granted when the set is completed. That way you can wield two Nat's claws and get +6 to Assassin skills, which would make Nat's the superior set if and only if you dual wield. I'd also lower the full set bonus to +2 to Assassin skills or possibly remove it. That way, skill wise, Nat's could compare to dual tucs, instead of being totally owned by it.

Even if that was done, the set would still suck for kicking.


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Nats set

Despite some of it's shortcomings like those described by the post above, nats set is great for phoenix strike assasins.

The claws, although seen as substandard to some, are great for this build. The reason is that the ignore target defense on the claws lets you judge very easily how many swings you need to make in order to release the correct charge. Bartucs just can not give you the same level of reliability that the nats mark can.

Other builds with nats could work, using ww or dc coupled with poison. Trapers are iffy, and kickasins obviously wont work at all. The set isnt great for every build, but for a MA sin using ps, it is quite nice.

Oh and one more thing, can we stickie something about this ? Seems the same question is geting asked every 2 days :eek:


Frenzied Bovine said:
Don't Bartucs give 20% bonus to attack rating? And ITD doesn't work versus bosses..
Most know itd=no bosses. Dude had a point with itd helping judge chargeups better...at least that was the ob I was going to post on Nat's claws.

Sure tuc's has 20% to AR but that won't guarantee a hit, for a charge, when you need it.

Elemental chargeup sin probrably best build with full nat's....Jus' sticky that.;)


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Right, itd dosent work against uniques super uniques and act bosses. Thats one of it's downfalls. However, for the uniques and super uniques, they usually have a pact of minions and underlings with them. Pound on the litle guys and release charge on the bosses. Works like a charm.

For act bosses, well you just gota live with it. But, if it was, say baal, you could use the tentacles to charge up your strikes and then release on baal, but ofcourse im way too lazy for that. Just try to make the best judgements you can by paying close attention to the # of orbs around you.


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I tried out nats set in 1.09 and I was very disappointed. For that reason I wouldn't even dare to try it out in 1.1. To me it's just a waste. I rather use bartucs + Jade + harlequin + chains of honor + elite gore's over nat's set + bartucs anyday.

Duncan Idaho

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Lunatic said:
I tried out nats set in 1.09 and I was very disappointed. For that reason I wouldn't even dare to try it out in 1.1. To me it's just a waste. I rather use bartucs + Jade + harlequin + chains of honor + elite gore's over nat's set + bartucs anyday.
Well Nat's set is not that bad at all. I can say that I don't spit on the 30% RD since i'm playing HC. Of course, the equipment you propose offers more res, skills .... in fact more of all except ll and RD.

Yet, Nat's set offers 4 sockets (instead of 1 with Harlequin/Chains)... it's quite balanced in fact. You can have an extra +120% ED / +45 max dmg (given your having 3 40%/15, so let's say sth more like 100% / +40 max). Well; i'm using it with my solo sin, and it works damn well ... i will try the items you mention to have a look (if I have the runes to make Chains ...) and i'll make my mind upon that subject.

Btw, don't forget that Nat mark has a armor-like +200% ED vs demons and undead, so in fact a armor-like +200% ED since there are very few monsters that are not demons or undeads ... So I don't think Nat's mark is that bad. Just take a look at the avg dmg of it compared to Bartuc's or even upgraded Bartucs (since i've never found a Zod rune in 3 years of intensive playing, I don't speak about eth Bartucs ...)