What's the best armor/weapon you've gotten from racks by meph? der

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What's the best armor/weapon you've gotten from racks by meph?

Just wondering what was the best drop you guys have gotten from either the armor or weapon rack by meph in durance of hate level 3.

I guess I'll start.

Gotta love that sexy stormshield that dropped for me.:azn: When I saw it, I just laughed.:laugh:


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IIRC, I had a green balrog skin (Sazabi's?). It was a sweet map, and kept spawning balrog skins - if only I had been playing v1.07 :rolleyes:


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I keep getting great talons from the weapon rack, sometimes they sell for a lot because of +skills, but no uniques for me! At least meph dropped 2 or 3 bartuc's :D


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Diggler dirk from weapon rack :laugh:Its the only unique Ive had drop from either of the racks.

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While I didn't find it personally (I was given it) and it didn't fall from Mephisto's rack (I don't believe), it would be my v1.07 Arkaine's Valor.



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I've racked iirc ...

- Stormshield
- Homunculus
- Shaftstop
- Crown of Thieves

... some others ... memory is foggy though.


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I BELIEVE it was a TGod's, but that may have dropped from a vampire boss near the rack instead of teh rack itself, I forget


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deaths sash from hell meph rack :| (still waiting for the unique one) and hmmm... im pretty sure i got a grailer aswell... maybe a Sazabi's Ghost Liberator
Balrog Skin... what should the ilvl be on a hell meph rack? cause ive only got 2, one is 86, one is 87.


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i got from armor rack homunculus, trang-oul's wing and another that not remember