What's on your cheat sheet?


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What's on your cheat sheet?

No, no, no! I'm not talking about "how 2 hax0r ebotdzzz?" here. This is about what we all did in high school: cram as much "reference" material as you can on the smallest possible amount of paper. :wink3:

At the moment, I have lots of scattered, hand-written notes. The ones I use most regularly include:
  • FCR breakpoints (except for amazon; amazon just has a big fat "sucky" next to it)
  • Assorted S/U base items
  • Assorted desirable socketed items
  • Area levels
  • Crafting/cubing ingredients (mainly a list of the more "consumable" gems and runes)
  • LK patterns

I'm thinking I should redo this into 1-2 clean, printed pages. If for no other reason than that my handwriting sucks harder than a blood golem. So I was wondering: what's on your cheat sheet?


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Hrrrmm....i used to have a sheet of paper with some of the runeword combinations on them, but now that i have memorized them i got rid of it.

Other than that nothing else really.


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Re: What's on your cheat sheet?

Sheet? Hell, I have a whole notebook. The bulk of it is character builds with skill distribution, endgame gear, total resistances, etc. But there's also all the cube recipes, runewords, and that stuff.


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Re: What's on your cheat sheet?

As of now, only the item combination for LK high rune drops.
Not that I run LK that much, but more or less to check if those posted match the combination.
(Which reminds me, I have to change it since I've written my recent item finds on this same sheet and it's getting incomprehensible each passing day.)

All other information are stored in the HD.
I have an entire folder dedicated to D2 infos, and sub-folders as well (something like: Elite Uniques, Exceptional Uniques, Normal Uniques, Classic Sets, Expansion Sets, Strategy [with sub-folder per class], Cube Recipes, Basic Game Info [where the general technical stuff goes], General Info [most basic game info]).
I keep a shortcut for this folder in my Taskbar, right side near the clock and small icons there.
That would be my real cheat sheet, I guess.



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Re: What's on your cheat sheet?

See my bookmarks? Pretty much that.

Cube recipes, FHR, FCR, Runeword lists/stats. Where the signs are in the canyon of the magi, Ilevels for life skillers, es/tk balance, countess drops, forge drops, chests in hell, lk stuff, bosses/area85 ratios, directions from the exit when teleing, what pindle cant drop, mandatory quests, list of area85 areas, act2 mercs info, sockets info, perfect grail spread sheet, crib of what to pick up (IE what I'm short of in Flavie), crib of what's worth keeping regards socketables/whites/jewels/rings/ammys/charms, corax charm guide, area levels, exp gain.


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Re: What's on your cheat sheet?

Nothing really. Not because I have an awesome memory and know everything by heart, but mainly because all my characters are HC and untwinked and are pretty much dead by the time any additional information starts to matter...

But I know that Steel is Tir+El!


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Re: What's on your cheat sheet?

Pshhhhh. Who needs cheat sheets? :cool:

I always look it up when i need it.


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Re: What's on your cheat sheet?

Variable stats of my best normal/set uniques for the perfect grail. Items perfect already are not included and I still pick up every elite S/U. I can check the item properties and compare it to the paper without ALT-Tabbing.


Re: What's on your cheat sheet?

I used to have a folder and a spiral notebook crammed full of D2 knowledge. Now it all sits on my huge hard drive in pdf format. That folder and notebook were looking pretty bad anyway so I had to shoot them. :laugh:

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Re: What's on your cheat sheet?

I tend to write new cheat sheets for each new character according to need. This is especially so for my Heptad team. A list of just which items can get + per level affixes at which levels was one I prepared - and then my character died before I found the first one (with the character I played immediately after). I usually just lookup the Arreat Summit or search this site and its forums, but occasionally you just want to have some things at hand (like Runewords and Cube recipes).


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Re: What's on your cheat sheet?

  1. A flavie report to check if I already have that unique/set that just dropped
  2. A printout of Ist, Vex, Sur, Ber /p8 LK drop combinations
Everything else I find on the dii.net or AS (well, apart from the weapon speed calculators, which I google for)


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Re: What's on your cheat sheet?

A few years ago I had a print out of all the crafting recipes, but apart from that I don't have anything written down. I've got so used to seeing and using certain things that I rarely have to look anything up now anyway, apart from base item stats.


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Re: What's on your cheat sheet?

At the moment, a list of all the normal unique items I have left to find for my grail (down to 5 weapons and 2 armors) so I don't leave them on the ground, just assuming that I already have them since they're normal. And the recipes for cubing up runes Thul-Pul (all the ones that need 3 runes+chipped/flawed gems).


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Re: What's on your cheat sheet?

It's been a while since I used dead trees for this sort of stuff (but don't get me wrong. I still love my dead tree books). My Firefox bookmarks has a folder called Diablo 2 which contains:

* SPF (besides the usual browsing, I read the stickied mat/pat/guardian threads regularly)
* Arreat Summit, for S/U/base item stats, rune words, cube recipes, monster stats, skill descriptions (though these are kinda sucky on the summit)
* Flavie report of my stashes
* D2 strategy compendium: FCR/FBR/FHR break points, area levels
* Shopping calculator: which items are available from which vendors
* Thyiad's bookmarks: for anything that I can't find from my own bookmarks :)
* socketed items list. Max. number of sockets for any base item at each ilvl
* Squigi's item bonus document. This is a god-send, even in its incomplete and somewhat erroneous form. This is one feature I wish ATMA had, should be fairly simple to add this considering all the hard work's already done
* character builds/guides at battle.net. Ok, many of them require multiple Jahs, but there is a lot of good info to be found there. And what they claim requires an eBotD can generally be done with a lot less.
* D2 FAQtoids
* skill calculator
* block calculator
* attack speed calculator
* The Amazon Basin. On the whole more off-beat than this forum, which means a lot of arcane ideas to be found there
* assorted guides ... varies based on my interest at the moment
- decoy
- Abbot
- LF zon
* KV's screenshot of his 10k Pindle or AT runs (can't remember which one) It's inspirational :)
Besides these, I use ATMA for the drop probabilities and the ATMA text files for the nitty gritty details (and when I feel AS has wrong information)


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Re: What's on your cheat sheet?

Cube recipes and runewords. I used to have the little Act II tomb locations one, but I've since lost it. It's not a big deal, since I have a pretty good memory of which tombs are where.

@Thyiad: My god. :)


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Re: What's on your cheat sheet?

I've got the entire Arreat Summit site mirrored to my hard drive for offline speedy browsing =p