Whats mods do you suggest for Single Player


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I can't find any mods FAQ regarding to Single player. Like runewords from b.net etc. I don't like bnet, i wanna start Hardcore journey but i cant resist from joining ench games and then i usually die cuz my dmg is huge and my def is 0... Single Player feels much better.

So if i wanted to play with somebody from this forums through tcp/ip can i join the game from modded version of diablo with those without mods??


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Hi welcome to the forums, I can recommend reading through the stickies of this forum, to read up on what is allowed and not allowed :)


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Most people on here play the single player, offline version of D2. Once you get a good map with a character you don't want to lose it by playing a tcp/ip game with that character. As far as mods, myself included, most people on here are very strict on what is allowed. Since it's offline and single player it's really up to you what you use, but if you want to trade items, post pics in the item find threads, and join tournaments people will call you out on the mods.
Everything you need to know is in the stickies at the top of the forum.


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I usually only use CPU fix and rwm. I've made my own mod which brings the Uber ai into sp giving u all the ladder content. But that's not approved on here. Years back I would play median XL a good amount. I also did some zy-el for 1.09. great mods!


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Hi Cheers! *raises glass of whiskey*
*Actually, pours himself another in RL*

Mod support generally isn't allowed on these forums (hence the initial resistance,( but there are some "forum accepted mods (FAM)."
These FAM only allow what multiplayer/BNet already allow: easier trading, B.Net runewords, and coloured runes (let's not get into detail as to when this became accepted [Hint: It was before Blizzard actually allowed orange runes.])

To read more on the FAM, we have a Sticky that is always at the top of the forum, that details what is, and what is not, allowed to be discussed on the forums, and also download links for those allowed, such as the RuneWordMod (RWM,) which is a Forum Accepted Mod (FAM.)

To MP/Trade within the SPF, generally, my best advice is to chat around here. View the threads, contribute to discussions, chat in the EMB (our bar where you can get all the whiskey you want, and play the Claw Machine for Diablo plushies, play Pool, or just simply chat and get to know everyone,) and socialise. Grab a drink while you're at it!

The danger with the B.Net "Uber AI," is that the Uber AI (Uber Tristram,) is server side. We have no access to it, and most of the mods that show this is an approximate representation - the Uber Tristram does not spawn the minions as it is supposed to, and so is incredibly easy compared to what it is meant to be.
As to total conversions (Median XL is the main one I know of,) discussion and expression is very open.

Welcome to the SPF, and definitely ask questions. At absolute worst, @Thyiad can send you a PM if you have any questions, but generally, we are very welcoming, and will try to answer any questions as best we can.

Drop by the EMB for a drink! Maybe some more whiskey? Age restrictions may not apply. :)