What's happening to the avatar? HELP :P

What's happening to the avatar? HELP :p

Hey everybody. :) I was planning on taking a picture from my pc and upload it as my avater, but it says 72x72 pixels every time i try?? I don't even know what a pixel is. :D Could anyone help me please?

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A pixel is, simply put, dots that make up graphics on your screen.

What 72x72 pixels means is the size of your graphic. An easy way to resize your graphic is to load it up in microsoft paint or a *cough*better*cough* graphics program and use a resize or stretch function to set it down to 72x72 pixels so you can use it as your avatar.

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If you open up the picture in Paint, go to the Image menu at the top of the screen then click on Attributes (or press CTRL+E) and it'll show you how many pixels are in your picture. Then either adjust the attributes there or use the Stretch/Skew option (or press CTRL+W) under the Image menu.


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also, theres a file size limit as well. Sometimes, a picture might be 72x72 but its still over that file size. (i'm not sure what the limit is though)


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Is that supposed to be your computer?

I don't quite see it; is it that whitish blob on the right?


p.s.: Coming from a guy that doesn't even have an avatar..... I'll look one up!
If you have an email you could PM to me it would be easy, and thanks :D

EDIT: No it's not my computer :p It's a very beautiful mountain from Italy ^^