Whats comes after a necro and a sorc?


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Whats comes after a necro and a sorc?

I have a strong fondness of the mana dependent warriors within our Diablo 2 realm and have focused on the Sorceress and very recently built me a hell running fishymancer.

My latest sorc, a blizzballer, is currently mfing for gear for my necro and for herself. But i need some variety and someone else to use the sets and uniques i find for the other chars.

question : Has anyone else started with the magic doers and then moved onto another char and enjoyed it as much? If so what was the char and build?

PS No the title of this thread was not intentionally the start of a joke but it could develop into one...


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Well, you could start out with a fishyzon after you've found a few good items. It's somewhere in between a caster and a ranged/melee character. Good fun and something different. I would say give it a try.



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Hmmmm sorceress has always been my favourite, but I find Hammerdin's great for MF too. They own everything- especially baal.

My Meteorb sucks Vs Baal, so I made a pure Blizzard the other day- still not as good as Hammerdin.


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Like you I initially played necros and sorcs. I will add my vote to the Fishyzon. Mine is one of my favourite build so far.

Or you could try a Hammerdin. Everyone should have some cheese in the refridgerator :grin:


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Obviously, with your username, you can't use any other character than sorc or necro :wink3:
For a change of style I suggest an enchantress, ranged one could be fun, melee one too. Or poison necro (pdagger necro especially).


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I'd have to say go with an assassin. either trapper or martial arts.

or the fishyzon. that's always fun.


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Whats comes after a necro and a sorc?
Well it would be a baby obviously. But a baby that would grow up to wield the powers of the elements Fire, Cold, and Lightning and it would also be able to command the dead while curse the bad guys too. Imagine how powerful she could be? A Meteorb Sorc with level 20 lower resist, teleport, and an army of skeletons! Power enough to compete with Raistlin himself!

On topic:
I would say make a frenzy barb. Or since you like mana hungry builds maybe a Trapasin.



A full IK Concentrator barb if you have the whole set. See how much damage he can bring.

Looks like everyone is suggesting fishyzon. Perhaps after exam i'll make one. A Hammerdin can own Baal easily if i remembrr correctly.


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Well if you are looking for a mana dependent build, but not a necromancer or sorceress I do have a suggestion. A lightning using Javazon. The skills are mana intensive but you are within melee range for some of them. That may give you a feel for what melee characters have to deal with before you make a pure melee character as the Javazon can Lightning Fury from a distance when needed (although I prefer to use Charged Strike instead or Lightning Strike instead).


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An angry mob with torches and pitchforks?

Try a Tesladin... it's time to give melee a try and the holy shock(synergized) zealot with a holy freeze (partially synergized) back up is a pretty forgiving melee character.


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I would said fishyzon also...

I first played my fishymancer, followed by meteorb. After that I build another fisher product, fishyzon (LF/FA, you can found the strat in the sticky above).
She can run pindle(p1) pretty fast... If you prefer MF like me...

There are also lots of different character to play with
I currently have lots of halfway character, Frostdin, Tesladi, pure trapsin, hybrid trapsin, windruid, fire/summon druid.... I will finish some of them after the exam... Ya, no barb...

I not prefer meelee character. I am a lazy fellow, prefer 5 click kill 20 monster instead of 20 hits kill 20 monster.... So it will depend on your preference. But my experience is after fishymancer and sorc can kill so fast, I feel bored with my frostadin soon...


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i surgest i find item barb. skills go soming like 20 ww, 20, bo, 1 zerk, 20 find item, 15ish shout. if you can get duel babas on seich you can get alot of mf

edit: and if you have the helm i second nebux


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That was my personal experiance too. Neco/Sorc pretty much.
Try a Elemntal Dr00id. They are great fun! I was very supprised how well he did in hell.

(he was twinked, I am not sure about a untwinked one)


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If you just like using ranged characters, I'd go with a Kuko wielding enchantress, or a Ranger Tesladin.

If you want to stick with spell casting try out an elemental druid.


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From the sounds of it, I think your playing preferences are similar to mine, so I second (third?) the vote for elemental druid. Even untwinked, they are fun. My next choice would be for a trapper assassin.