What's Changed?


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This is way too broad a question... but I just logged in for the first time in a bit over a year. I deleted my old characters and decided to start again (on SC this time, and I'm finding it refreshing to not have to feel obligated to go heavy on defensive skills and passives, although it still feels pretty weird not having a HC character).

Anyways, the game looks like it's been completely revamped. I guess they're running seasons/ladders now, and their items go into the standard game after they end? Do season characters become regular ones when the season ends, or just vanish?

What's the current incgamers clan/community? I tried finding inceast I think, but haven't gotten a reply in the last few days.

And what's the deal with multiplayer games? I haven't really found any. Is it just that everyone's playing season characters and I'm not, probably? Or is it that I'm playing SC now and no one has low level characters there anymore? Or am I just being dumb and missing some newly implemented party option/feature?

I don't know what to ask, it all looks so different. Good different, though.

Are there any important things you guys think I should know?

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Season characters revert to non-season at the end. The seasonal stash items are mailed to the non-seasonal mode.

Few public games are due to a) solo/private games are more popular b) season/non-season divides the community c) lots of people are testing on the PTR/taking a break before the new patch/season hits.

Patch notes are archived here. If you can't be bothered to trawl through them all, there's a condensed version on reddit.